Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Litter Boxes and other stuff

A number of you commented on our litter box situation in the dungeon. So we figure we will answer them.

Laila and Minchie wanted to know if we were hoarding basement cats. No we are not, at least we never see them if they are down there,

Katnip Lounge wanted to know what was happening in the dungeon. Well, right now not much. They came and worked last Friday, they haven't been back. Mum says they are finishing up another job first before they come and really start to work.

Tillie and Georgia had a bunch of questions.
Do you have water problems?  Not that we know of, mum turns on the faucet we get water.
Did your Mom lose something? No, but she found stuff she should get rid of.
Did you lose a cat toy? Nope.

Sometimes Cats Herd You. 
Why are they destroying your dungeon? Mum says they gotta fix the walls.
And why do you have a world supply of cat boxes down there?  That is just our supply. Mum readed that you should have one box per cat plus one more.

William wanted to know if it will be a litter trench. Mum says no, they will replace the stuff they are digging out once the fix is in place.

The Meezers and Billy wanted to know if they can come and ghost hunt. Sure, why not, it would be fun.


  1. WHEW!!!

    We were worried that something awful was happening down there!

  2. Well, we hope what's ever going on down there is over soon.

  3. The questions and answers inspire us ta ask new ones...

    1. Are the unnerground monsters peeing through the basement wall? If so, have ya considered shooting holes into the ground with lazers until they are just all dedded? The holes would be good aeration fer the lawn too.

    2. Iffen ya are makin a trench in the dungeon, why NOT make it a litter trench? Iffen it was long enough and deep enough and filled with regular sand AND only uncovered in 4' sections once a week, by the time ya got ta the end, the beginning part ought ta be all fresh again.

    3. How sure are ya that the construction Beings will return? Mebbe they just needed a place ta park their equipments fer a month fer free?

    4. Are ya REALLY sure there are no dungeon cat introoders? They are never where ya look fer them. We are sure there is at least one here cuz our food bowls get empty at night when we KNOW we left food in them (and the other 2 here assure me they dint eat my food - Marley).

    Just some thoughts...

  4. Wow, we hope they can get through with that soon. Having your litter disrupted is no meowing matter!

  5. A litter trench sounds pawsome to us, too!

    But at the very least you've got lots of places to "go"!

  6. It still sounds pretty serious. More details please. Concerned beans and pusscats wanna know.

    Sydney, Australia

  7. Whatever it is they are doing to the dungeon, we hope it's not going to cut into your treat green papers.

  8. Thanks for all the illuminating answers!

    FYI, we are four cats and we have six litter boxes.

    The Chans

  9. the more litter boxes the better it is for kittehs not to pee on the sofa.

    Emma and Buster


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