Saturday, November 16, 2013


HiYa Ducky here. I am about ready to have a nice nap. I had to get mum all warms up from being outside first. So I had to sit on her a while. She was bizzy doing leafy stuff outside.

First she got out the big ladder and moved it all along the back and then front of the house, tossing out the leaves from the rain gutters. She found a neat tool to use to help her, the little scoop from the new litter box. It just is the right size to scoop things out of the gutter.

The she got the big pile of leafs off the front porch, the snow melted a few days ago as it got a bit warmer. 
 You can see the mess now out in the street, the village men will come along and take them away in a few days.
Mum still has to do the side yard, but as she blew the leafs off, the wind would blow them back. So she gave up for today. Said she was cold and wet. So came inside, got in the hot rain room, then after that I had to sit on her a while.

Derbs and I will be napping for a while. Come join us if you like!


  1. You boys sure take good care of your mum. :)

  2. My mum was raking up leaves today too but we haven't got as many as you. She is keeping them in bags to save for mulch for next autumn.

  3. Here we come! Always ready for a nice warm nap!!

  4. Mommy is laughing at your Mum's ingenuity in scooper multipurposing!

  5. Your mum climbs the big ladder herself? Wow! Very impressive. I don't allow my peeps to do such things. They're kind of clutsy, you see.


  6. You two have the best idea, that leafing is too much work!

  7. Waffles would LOVE to play in those leaves.
    And I'd LOVE to send him over.
    ; ) Katie

  8. Our human staff had perfect weather Saturday morning for raking leaves. Warm and calm, so no excuses!

  9. Mom say she doesn't miss raking and cleaning up leaves.

    The Florida Furkids

  10. I hope they don't blow back into your yard. Just meowin'. Always good to clean the gutters out before the snow but how could she use YOUR litter scoop?? Hope you charged her for the rental

  11. My Human is bummed the Niners lost to the Saints. We hope her teams had better days.


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