Saturday, November 30, 2013


We hope all of our furiends had a good Thanksgiving. We had a nice snuggle in with mum on Thursday AM. Mum spent a long time in her jammies just hanging out with us.

But then she packed up and left us! So we got no turkey, whipped cream or even left overs brought home to us.

Mum went to be with her furiends, the same ones from last year. Same menu, duck roasted outside on a grill.  These pics are from last year when it was nice enough to be outside and take pictures. This year was cold so mum stayed inside by the fire, snacks, dinner and drinks!
Mom says it was nommy, but there wasn't anything left to bring to us! Eight people demolished the three ducks. Mum isn't sure she was in charge THEE most important part of the day, but everyone brought something that made the meal special.

Plus, rather than make mum drive home, her furiends had her stay the night. So she didn't get back to us until later Friday morning. But other than to go to the library she then stayed home with us to snuggle.

No shopping for her, just looking at the ads and saying there was nothing she needed to  get that was worth getting up early and fighting with the crowds.


  1. Our people went over to someones house too, and the plans were made before mom even scheduled her surgery so that worked out well! For them that is, we did not get any turkey bites either.

  2. No leftovers for you? I hope you made her feel guilty!

  3. We're still making our peeps feel guilty for going out to eat like tourists and not bringing us back any leftovers. How long do you think we can get extra treats out of it?

  4. My human and her boyfriend came home from the dinner they went to with a BOATLOAD of turkey for us kitties - and even the dog! We basically got two dinners for Thanksgiving. Lucky us!

  5. Darn that your mom didn't bring you guys some roasted duck. It looked really good. We'd send you some of our turkey, but it's just about all gone now.

  6. Maybe your Mum will do a turkey for Catmas? We can only hope!

  7. Oh the first thing we saw in yer post was the poultry. We all immediately shouted "DUCKS" even though we have never seen one all plucked like that. Some things, we cats JUST know - Its a predator talent).

    We had turkey here. TBT cooked one thigh fer hisself (all nasty-spiced) but also cooked one fer US with NOTHING on it. We were seriously happified!

  8. Hey - you need to sit your mum down and speak to her quite sternly. No leftovers? Staying out all night and STILL no leftovers? Boy, she's gonna have to work hard to make it up to you, I'd say.

    Sydney, Australia

  9. Staying out all night? No left overs? Your Mommy needs a little reminder of who is in charge. MOL!


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