Monday, December 2, 2013

ManCat Monday

Wedging itself between face and book, the cat's expression says, "You didn't really want to read that did you?" - Author Unknown

Oh yeah, we love to do this to mum, get between her and her book, or the puter when she is trying to do anything other than help us blog. We sometimes wonder how she ever gets a book read. 

We had a decent weekend once mum came home. She stayed home purrty much of the time, doing stuff around the house. She did go out to get the weekly foods and such, but that is about it. So we had lots of snuggle time. 

Plus we had to start snoopervising the preperations for Christmouse. Around here that means for mum, making peanut brittle. 

Here we are watching over the operations. 
Derby double checking the recipe for mum, making sure she had everything she needed.
Ducky checking the stuff cooking in the little heating box.
 What we are really looking at is buttered sheet and little blocks of butter mum needs for this.
You can see how close we are to that big sheet smeared with yummy stuff to lick.
Finished product. Mum says it is nommy, we will just lick the pan, thank you very much.

Mum was nice and we got gooshy foods this weekend since we didn't get any turkey or duck leftovers. So I guess we will let it pass.

Feetsball Report

The Pack - well, they are probably still fumigating Ford Field over in the mitten state. The Pack sure did stink with their play on Turkey Day. Mum says their season is a shambles and they don't deserve to make the playoffs.

The Broncos - They played on Sunday against the Chiefs.They won, so mum was happy that at least one of her teams won this weekend.

Wow, it is December now, so Christmouse will come fast. Mum said she ordered our prezzy the other night. I wonder what she got us?


  1. OUR hobby is making sure TBT cant read the noospaper...

  2. I've decided I want BUTTER for Christmas!

  3. Sparkle, why didn't we think to put that on our list? Do you think it's too late to ask for more whipped cream?

  4. Homemade peanut brittle is a lost art. When our mom sees your's making it, it brings back memories of her daddy making it when she was a kid. What a special treat it was.

  5. Hi,

    We just wanted you to know that you have been nominated for The Versatile Blogger Award!

    Noodle and crew

  6. #1 says peanut brittle sounds very yummy!

    We don't get our Christmas stuff up until around the middle of the month. #1 is hoping to get some tidying and cleaning done before then. She is such an optimist!

    The Chans

  7. D & D...BUTTER !!!!!! we iz sew ther....N bee glad N happee N thanx full to cod ya dinna hafta eat burd oh any kind noe matter what they bee callin it~~~~

  8. Great work supervisory the cooking, guys. Keep it up.

    Sydney, Australia

  9. Yum, BUTTER! Why not just BUTTER BRITTLE?

  10. ooooooh, BUTTER!

    Poor Salem is hyperventilating.

  11. Hi Boys, That peanut brittle looks awfully good to my Human--she says it's really nommy--eh, gimme some kitty grass, say I!

    The Niners won big so it was a good week for feets ball here--but pretty soon the team will be the SanTA CLARA 49ers and the Human will just hold her nosicle when she hears their name.

  12. derby....was there catnip in the list of ingredients?

    emma and buster


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