Thursday, December 5, 2013

Versatile Blogger Award

We were awarded this by It's Noodle!

Now we have to reveal some unknown facts about ourselves. A matter of fact we need to reveal seven, yep, 7 facts on ourselves.Guess we better put our thinking caps on.

1. We are not interested in stuff on the moving picture box. We would rather watch stuff for real outside.
2. We are pretty independent of each other, we sleep by ourselves, the one thing we do together is wrassling or playing THoE.

3. We are to nekkid kitties. Mum does not make us wear collars since we are inside kitties and she won't dress us up with human stuff.

4. We both came from the same shelter, just a few years apart.

5. We both to love to find the heaty spots when it is cold here, but we both have our favorites and it is not the same heaty spot.

6. Ducky likes to sleep on top of mum when it is cold. Derby only visits the sleepy spot for some scritches and then leaves.

7. Derby has never been a big jumper to the tops of the cupboards, Ducky loves to jump on top of things.

We will pass this on to the following kitties:

Max, The PyschoKitty

William of Mass Destruction

Poppy Q

The  Poupounette


Don't be shy, we loves to hear your meows and mews.