Wednesday, December 18, 2013

We Got Another Prezzie

HiYa, Ducky here.

My sweetie Dora and her mum came through for us and mum with goodies.Just in time for Christ-mouse!
 Yes mum I see that it has Dora's address on the package, hurry up and open the package.
 Yep, we got everything out of the package, so what did we get?
 UK cat toys that have the Union Jack on them.
 Treats that we can't get here in Mericky.
 Something for mum and it is filled with choc-o-lats. Plus a pin from their favorite feetball club, Chelsea. Mum says that is what gets called sock-her her in Mericky, they are pretty good team.
I made a grab for the nip mousie, it is MINE!

 Besides the sweets, mum got a cute pad of sticky notes with kittie pictures on the side. Almost too cute to use.
So at least we got something cool to play with before the big day. Plus it can keep us entertained while mum is off day hunting and going to parties for her day hunting gig. She doesn't stay super late. Long enough to say hello, get some goodies to eat, then come home.


  1. Those are great pressies - well done!

    Sydney, Australia

  2. LOVE the pressies!!!!!
    Especially all the cool Union Jack toys!

  3. Pawsome gifts !!! Love all ( jealous voice )
    Miss you my friends

  4. What cool toys with the Union Jack! Do they smell like the other side of the ocean?

  5. Way cool! Those prezzies traveled a long way to get to you.

  6. International toys! How cool is that??

  7. D & D......way awesum package oh goods
    from yur friend Dora...N we hope yur mum brings home sum "goods" frum de aprty her bee headed two...couple oh trayz oh fish wood be nice N sum cookieez...santa doez knot knead em any way !! enjoy yur week oh end !

  8. Those are great toys from Dora and her mum.

  9. What cool presents Dora and her mum sent you.

  10. We love all that great stuff ya got! An its ALLUS impawtant ta check the envelope carefully. Ya wouldn't want ta miss some small item inna corner!!!

  11. Wow, look at all the loot you guys raked in!


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