Saturday, December 14, 2013


We made it to the weekend. More of the white stuff falling from the sky. But mum is home and says she has no other place to be today.

Yesterday however she skipped out on day hunting and went off gallivanting with furiends to the Christmas market in a big tent. They were sitting and getting a noon time snack when she took these.
 People come and sell stuff that people might like to buy for prezzies. Mum bought some Al-Packa socks and gloves.

 Plus she got to see two reindeers! Mum wasn't sure which ones they were, no names on the pens, so maybe Donner and Blitzen!
 Some reindeer antlers on fence for peoples to see.
 Once they all got back then mum skipped out to do more running around. Came back with four big bags of foods for the fevvers. They need it today, lots of them stopping by to get snacks while it snows today.
So that is about all from here, you all have a wonderful weekend.


  1. It looks like your mom had a good time there. We hope Donner and Blitzen are resting up for the big show coming up in 10 days!

  2. How cool that your human got to meet reindeer! Did she buy anything for you kitties? ;-)

  3. We are hoping that maybe she bought some nice stocking stuffers for you two!

  4. Two days now with Mum at your beck and call!! Sweet. Stay warm and snug!

  5. REINDEER are REAL? OMC we gotta rething about Santa...

  6. It's a good job those reindeer were behind bars because they look a lot like vishus deer to me.

  7. Wow! That is some bag of fev-ver food! You must have really big burds back there ;-)

    The Human likes the look of that Christmas Faire and wishes she had been there. She went out to a festive pre-Christmas lunch with friends yesterday, which I gave her permission for, but then after she went shopping which I did not approve in advance and she didn't get home till six. Can you believe the nerve of her???

  8. Whoa! Look at the reindeer. Sounds like a good day but the cats were left alone.

  9. Reindeer??? How COOL!!!
    It wasn't Rudolph, was it?!


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