Monday, December 30, 2013

ManCat Monday

Purring would seem to be, in her case, an automatic safety valve device for dealing with happiness overflow. - Monica Edwards

Well mum was not purring on Sunday as she was not happy. Less than a week into our new kitty condo tower, and Derby messes it up. That boy is a yakker!

Mum cleaned it up, but from this top, Derby also launched it over the side and unto mum really nice chair. OHHHHH DEAR. Mum was really not happy and she was in the middle of cooking so couldn't get to the cleaning right away.
 Mum did pull out the cleaner stuff and got the stuff off, but then couldn't sit her to watch fevvers on Sunday afternoon.
 What? You got a problem with me?

Feetsball Report

Down to the last game of the regular season.

The Pack - played Da Bears, some freaky plays during the game. First we got our QB ARodg back playing. A fumble by ARodg, that just sat on the field until someone yelled at them and they picked it up and got a TD. It was back and forth all game, even in the last seconds Da Bears were looking to score but we caught it and ran out the time. NFC North Champs. Phew, now on to the playoffs!

The Broncos -cruised right along playing The Raiders. Mr Peyton did his usual wonderful QB job and threw 4 touchdowns, set a single season passing yards record of 5,477 yards and 55 TD passes. Then Mr Peyton took the second half off!. The team scored a record number of points for the year at 606 and they are the firsted team to ever do that. They get next weekend off to start the playoffs.

We get to start a new year this week. Stay tuned!



    And crumbs, Mommy had the caps lock on. She's a little disturbed after the game...

  2. SCORE!!!! Dood, you got the chair, too! That is AWESOME! I bow to the BarfMaster :::bow:::

  3. *´¨)
    ¸.•´¸.•*´¨) ¸.•*¨)
    (¸.•´ (¸.•` ¤ Have a Blessed and Prosperous New Year!

  4. Oh Derby, I'm sure you couldn't help it - when a kitty's gotta yak, a kitty's gotta yak, y'know?

  5. Holy carp! That has to win the trophy for the best yak of the year! Great job!

    Concats to the Pack. Everyone is totally done with those stupid Bears. Mom's BIL said he wasted the whole season watching them and this is what happens. He's very upset. Like they say "there's always next year". hehehe!

  6. VERY impurressive!!!

    The Florida Furkids

  7. We have often wondered why they nearly always make cat trees with white rug. Do people who make cat trees have cats who don't barf?

    Nice aim on the chair, buddy. We never tried that before. You get extra style points for that one.

  8. Yikes! Such extensive and well documented barf...
    Hope your tum is OK and all stains gone.

  9. Boys, that is a great cat tree! Your mum is so nice to have gotten that for you. I know I've spent hours on mine.

    It's only right that you christened it with yak. Both Russell and I did on ours -- it's to be expected! (Although, my mom knows how yours feels with the projectile thing -- once my bro did this 360 degree yak and it was *everywhere*!)

  10. Derby - are you okay? I'm concerned. I'm also concerned for your mum as cleaning up afterwards isn't any fun at all.

    Sydney, Australia

  11. My poor friend, I hope you're feeling better now. Lucky you're too cute to get in trouble!

  12. Maybe heights make you sick Derby! But that was one powerful yak, dude!

  13. OMC! It looks like the chair got the worst of it!

    A suggestion for you, Derby...don't do that again anytime soon, okay, buddy?

  14. I have an award for you on my Tuesday post.

  15. Dood, that was pawsome! Kudos on that hork!

  16. happee 2014 guyz….heerz ta happee nezz, health, loves N hope two nite ya get sum high qualitee grazz N nip N hope ya findz a donut shoppe open round 3:18 AM when ya haz de muncheez !!

  17. Whoa! That was pawsome! Even so, we're wishing you a very Happy New Year in which all your yaks stay small (*urp!*). See you in 2014! Purrs...


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