Saturday, June 21, 2014


Derby here, hissed off and feeling like a drunken sailor.

The morning didn't start off good. We got stinky goodness, but mum slipped me a mickey pill in my share and then carted me off to see Mr VET man.

 At home, in the PTU, waiting to leave. The only thing is that mum brings out the PTU and I go into it. No fuss or fighting! Imagine that.

 At the office, mum is nice so she makes the appointment for the first thing in the AM. Then the office is quiet and no woofies to stick their stinky faces at me. They may be on a leash, but their humans don't control them very well.
All done, back in the carrier. If you biggify you can sort of see my eyes are wonky, with the third lid coming across. That is what happens when I get a mickey pill.

So once mum got me home and let me out, I gave her a big hiss, and have wandered off to sleep this pill off. Hope the runt leaves me alone for the day.


  1. Oh no, that sounds like a very bad day for you. I hope it was just a check up and there is nothing wrong.
    You asked to see closer photos of Eric's rose and the cat memorial garden so we have put some in tomorrow's post.

  2. I hope things checked out well for you, Derby! We had a home vet visit us yesterday for a checkup and it was actually pretty awesome. It was expensive, though, so my human said it can't be an all-the-time thing.

  3. Oh dear....don't let my humin know there's a pill to make you soon as I see the carrier I'm off behind the sofa to hide. Hope you feel better soon - did you get a nice dinner to aid your recovery?!

  4. I hope your mum gave you lots of treats to make up for a visit to the v-e-t.

    Sydney, Australia

  5. Derby, aren't you glad that's over now? Good to hear you checked out okay.

  6. aauuugghhh!!!! That sounds HORRIBLE. We hope you check out A-OK, Derby.

  7. Those vet visits are never fun, are they? The only person we know who doesn't mind them is Tommy!

    Glad you're all done!

    The Chans

  8. What a day! You didn't say what the problem was or if all is okay!

  9. Are you okay, little one? Yes, your eyes were all wonky!

  10. I'm sorry that you had such a bad day! I hope that Sunday was an easier day for you!

    Purrrrrrrrrrrrrs, Spike William

  11. Seriouslies! Such indignities!!


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