Thursday, June 26, 2014

Garden Thursday

Hello and welcome to Garden Thursday with Virginger and Glimmer.

Glimmer reporting in. A few general highlights, mum is trying to farm this year. She planted seeds to grow gourds. So far she has four decent plants coming along. She hopes she actually gets a few gourds!
They are working on the trail when they can between the rains. Looking west from our house, the path will be much wider.
Looking east, they cut down a nearly deaded tree from behind our neighbors house. You can see the warning gates where the street is. Since they are widening it, mum will have less grass to cut!
Mum walked down a trail a bit, this is when she turned to come back to the house. We are right across from wher the big spruce tree is.
Virginger here, mum and me were inspecting and came across a flower than mum never amembers seeing. Guess the sqwerls stole it from someone else and planted it in our yard. Mum thinks it is a type of iris.

Then one of the flowers mum bought a month ago at the sale is already blooming. It is a white coneflower. The other one she bought is flowering too and they both have more flower buds forming!
Still rainy and foggy, we are hoping for sun really soon.

That is all for this week. Love Virginger and Glimmer.


  1. We have one like that purple flower too and are not sure of the name either. A friend said it was Toad-something, but that doesn't sound very scientific.

  2. Me too think that the blue flower is some kind of Iris.
    Over here we have sunshine in the morning and rain in the afternoon :)

  3. meowloz V & G....we love de spruce tree by yur houz !!!

    hope yur mums garden growz ...tell her ta watch for rabbits N we iz knot talkin de easturr dood...

    if they iz az crazed ther az they iz heer.... her wont have any plants left ....

    heer in TT...they has eated 7 tigers lillies bare....


    see ewe next week ♥

  4. I am new to your page- you are both pretty kitties.

  5. Is that going to be a recreation trail? How nice to have it convenient for exercise!

  6. Pretty flowers. We hope those gourds grow nice and big!

  7. We have lots of flowers in pots and some of them have drowned from being too wet. Poor soggy flowers!

  8. We got coneflowers bloomin here too!

  9. I hope your rain goes away and your sun comes back again. The purple flower does look like some sort of Iris.


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