Monday, July 20, 2015

ManCat Monday

Dogs may have kept us company on the hunt, but it was the cats who insisted we invent houses and discover fire. - Khiem Tran

Houses and fire, really a place to live and warms. Mum came inside all warms yesterday from working outside and I sat on her. She said I made her hotter! So I was nice and hopped down from her lap.

 Looking outside, just checking out the trees and such. Yes mum, I see you are using the flashy box on me. Well, at least the flashy wasn't flashing!
 The hots didn't really last all weekend. So it was purrty good, some storms on Caturday afternoon, but nothing bad by us. Just got real dark for a while. So it was nice for her to use the grass eating monster on Sunday. Then she cooked out. One brat for today, the other, for another day. Not all for me. But she did share.
 Me waiting inside while mum was cooking and soaking up a few rays of sunshine.
Here are mum's painted toes. Chocolate Moose she says! Really, looks like toes not mooses.
Plus the old gunslinger number four came back to Lambeau on Caturday. They retired his number and put him into the Packer's Hall of Fame. They will also do something on Thanksgiving night to a national moving picture audience. Stay tuned. So maybe we can really say that Grampa Brett has really and truly retired from feetsball.
He first went out and talked to 67,000 fans in the stadium. Here he is walking out through the tunnel. The home team tunnel!
 His banner next to Reggie, and him giving a talk inside after, thanking those who he worked with, coaches, team mates and others who helped him do what he did best. Play feetball.


  1. Wow you had a great meal over the weekend Ducky.

    Emma and Buster

  2. I like to lie on top of my mum when she goes to bed and she says I make her too hot.

  3. wuz hotter N be jezuz heer two N we dinna EVEN get any bratz.....N ya noe....feetz ball iz kinda sorta all most like rite round de korner ♥♥♥

  4. Why isn't that second brat all for you? Really, your human needs to get her priorities staight. Kitty treats first!

  5. I feel for you, Ducky--all my mom says these days is 'it's too hot for cats' when we try to sit on her!

  6. What a good weekend you had, Ducky.

  7. Stay cool, Ducky ! We have hot days too... Purrs

  8. Perhaps your mum has had her toes polished up so she can have a go a feetsball!

    Sydney, Australia

  9. We hopes you got a taste of the brat Ducky. Mom bean does silly stuff with her toes too...what is with those beans, they should just sharpen them like we does.

    Have a great week!
    Sasha, Sami, & Saku


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