Tuesday, May 31, 2016

Tuesday This and That

Here is the moovie of me playing with my mousie from Caturday. Mum had to edit it down to get it small enuf so it would load.
Me and mum play like this lots on mornings when she doesn't have to go day hunt. I like it, cuz we have such a nice time together.

Plus I will get more of these days soon. Mum told them at her day hunting gig she is going to retire in July. The money man says the green paper situation is fine, she can stay home and play with me!

We had a nice weekend. It didn't rain all weekend like the weather guessers guessed. So lots of open window and time outside for mum. She finished planting the last few things, she even weeded for a bit, she hates to weed!


  1. Looks like you were having a great time playing. It will be nice for you and your mum to have lots more time to play in the mornings when she has retired.

  2. How awesome that your human will get to stay home and play with you all the time soon, Ducky!

  3. dood...yur moovee total lee rocked !! we NEW ewe wood find de mouz ~~~~ 1:39

    awesum !! N conga ratz two yur mum, we noe herz lookin for werd ta ree tire mint ☺☺☺♥♥♥

  4. Congratulations to your mum on her decision to retire. But haven't you thought about what it's really going to be like having her home with you every day? She might be so busy that it's hard for you to nap! I think the two of you probably need to get your heads together and discuss plans and 'rules' - you know, like: 8 - 8.30am: play with Ducky; 8.30 - 9am: leave Ducky to nap. No loud noises or vigorous activity inside the house. 9am - 10am: morning cuddles, brunch/treats and play time. 10 - 10.45am: leave Ducky to nap. No loud noises or vigorous activity inside the house. And so forth.

    Sydney, Australia

  5. Ducky, you made us laugh with that mouse! Concats to your mum to be free at last!

  6. You sure were enjoying your mousie, Ducky. How cool that your mom is gonna be home all the time.


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