Saturday, February 18, 2017


HiYa, Ducky here. Happy Caturday! It is going to be another beautymous day here. Sunny and warms! Mum has had the windows open a bit the past few days. She was even sitting outside for a while on Friday in the sunshine.

I had lots happen to me. Thursday might have been mum's purrthday, but she had a surprize for me. She hauled me off to see the vet man!

Now this wasn't the same place I have normally been to see the vet man. Actually, as mum carried me inside, it was where I stayed last fall when mum went to see Uncle Stormy in the OK state. They have vet clinic, boarding, grooming and even doggie day care there.
 Mum got me inside and made sure I was faced away from the woofie waiting. When mum said she wanted to make sure the woofie and I didn't see each other, the checking in person went to get this little fleece to put over the carrier. She also said it was infused with Feliway.
 Mum let me sit with the fleece as we waited. Actually we got to wait inside the exam room. No sitting out in the lobby waiting. That was nice, then I didn't have to worry about other woofies or sticky little peoples.
 I just stayed pretty much in one place. Just chilling out until the real action started. So they started with my weight. Right on what I normally weigh, I am in good form there. No diets for me. 
 Then I got the once over by Dr Tom. He was nice and gentle. Got the going over from head to tail and down to my paws. You can see him checking out my teeths and gums. Just a tiny spot on the other side, but not enuf to do a dental.
Another good thing, it was my year to get a rabies booster, but I didn't have to get a second shot for Feline Leukemia. The old place mum took me to stay required it, this place doesn't.Woohoo, one less shot.

So them mum paid the bill. Another good thing, they have it set up you can pay in the exam room. Then when you are done, zip, straight out to the car.

We got home and freedom from the PTU. Mum just let me wander a bit, but I showed her I wasn't mad at her and sat on her lap.

Happy weekend all!


  1. I'm glad your vet visit was uneventful, Ducky!

  2. We're glad everything went well for you at the vet ! Purrs

  3. Oh dear dear dear - going to the vet for a checkup is always traumatic, but I'm pleased that everyone was very concerned to minimise your distress and that all your results were good. Well done Ducky!

    Sydney, Australia

  4. We're glad to hear you got a good report from the vet, Ducky. We had a beautiful day here today...and the mom opened the window for us!

  5. Ducky, you are so brave!
    and I'm so happy for you everything went well
    Paw Up !

  6. so glad all went well at the Vet! You are thinner than I am!!! I don't mind the woofies at the Vet because I live with a woofie. My vet does the same, you pay in the exam room and are gone! Love, Cody catchatwithcarenandcody

  7. You had a furry good visit at the ebil v e t, hooray! Glad you are home safe with the mom bean now. Have a great rest of the weekend.


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