Wednesday, May 15, 2019

Straw Hat Day

Straw hats, well, I don't do hats of any type. Mum isn't much of a hat purrson either, but she does wear hats when needed. Like when mum did a hat last year for the racy thing that combined Derby hat and a Stinky Mayo hat.

So if like hats wear them, I won't be joining you


  1. C'mon Ducky - give it a whirl: you might like wearing a hat.

    Sydney, Australia

  2. Your mum's hat with the roses is pretty.

  3. I wish my new straw hat had a better chin strap!

  4. I like hats and that’s a darn good one!

  5. Well, yeah, we dont wear anny hats. Or anny costumes either. We're just used ta bein nekkid; its more comfortable... TBT wears hats, even straw hats, but he doesn't take many pictures of hisself.


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