Thursday, May 28, 2020

Garden Thursday

Hello and Welcome to Garden Thursday.

Currently blooming, lilacs, bleeding hearts and lily of the valley. The grape arbor is still living and leafing out more. The grass is pretty green. All of our trees now show leaves.

Mum keeps walking over to the lilac and inhaling. She loves the smell of lilacs.

It got warm here and steamy too. Mum used the grass eater this week.

Oh yeah, no community garden for mum for now. Officially she doesn't have to have volunteer hours cuz of the virus thingy. The peoples are doing the garden, mum just doesn't feel comfortable going and working as the footing isn't the best. She isn't going to do anything to mess up her ankle.

Oh yeah, we also have a birdie nesting on our front porch light. Two eggs laid this week. Mum hasn't ever seen an adult bird on the nest, but she doesn't know if the sound of the door scares them off. Even if she goes out through the metal monster door, no big birdies. We shall see if we get little ones. We are already seeing fledgling robins from the first batch of babies.

That is all. Stay safe, stay healthy. Love Virginger, Glimmer, Trooper and Fleur.


  1. What beautiful eggs they are too. I hope you get some baby birds soon.

    Sydney, Australia

  2. Birdies like to nest on top of porch lights!
    We have some early blooms too; hope to get out there to cut back some weeds after the rains come through, and the temps (and humidity) drop.

  3. hay ewe bleedin heart ree minded de gurl her plant hasn't even showed it self....:(

    her kneadz ta pull bak sum dirt N see what thatz all a bout...

    we hope mumz communatee gardin goez as planned later on; thoz were all wayz grate postz !! ☺☺♥♥

  4. The flowers are so pretty.
    A wagtail made it's nest in the barn right beside the door and we could see 5 eggs. We try to go in as little as possible to not disturb her and now we see 4 wide open beaks if we go in.
    The sparrow that made her nest in the garage in the wood pile must have hatched her eggs too because there is poop all over the treadmill!

  5. Love those pink flowers and the bird nest is so cool Ducky!

  6. Your flowers are wonderful! We hope those pretty little eggs hatch. We have a dove in our ash tree this year, and she hasn't moved from the nest in ages. Or maybe days. We've lost track with this shut down.

  7. Those are lovely pictures. Our yard is not great this year. The drought has mostly killed one of our Golden Rain Trees and one of our Sourwood trees is utterly dead, 2 of the 3 Burning Bushes seem mostly dead, and Poison Ivy is erupting all over the place

    This year is going to be one of pruning and hoping. And possibly replanting, though TBT says it may be a flowerbed year of dividing and spreading. The perennials that survived well are more respected and valued now. He's not sure about the shrubs. Maybe it is time to choose more native ones.

    In that regard, the Black-Eyed-Susans are fine flowers that bloom decently all Summer and there are suddenly 10 times the number of them growing all over right now. Maybe they were just waiting for a "bad year" that actually suited them quite well. It looks like the Purple Coneflowers are growing well do, though the don't seem to spread naturally like the Black-Eyed-Susans, so TBT will "divide and conquer".

    Same with the Autumn Joy Sedums. They seem unbothered by drought or rain and barely spread. TBT has 6 divided roots in pots, (some almost 2 years old) so will will empty spots with those.

    Meanwhile, we have some self-sowing annuals and some hardy perennials grown from seeds to plant. And tomatoes and other veggies. It will be a busy weekend!


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