Thursday, April 1, 2021

Puzzled Thursday

 Yeah, um, it is Thursday right? I sorta seem to have lost yesterday. Off in dream land with big pink mousies and flying fishies!

Well it started Tuesday night. Mum took my food dish away. So no crunchies to nibble on overnight. Then mum got up pretty early, got the PTU out and put me in it. Then off we went in the metal monster. When we got to this place mum drove up to the drive thru. Hey, brekkie! No it wasn't. But the person mum was talking to kept calling me a SHE! Mum corrected her. Then mum parked in front of the building, this lady came out and took me inside. Mum didn't come with me!

So then the fun started. I was taken from the PTU and put in a nice spot and I could just rest. A few hours later they came and got me. Stuck a needle in my front leg and I was off to dreamland. I woke up and my mouth was a bit sore, and I am missing 6 lower incisor toothies. 

Mum was informed about my going off to dreamland and when I was done. They watched me for a few more hours and then mum came to bring me home. I got foods right away and I cleaned my plate! I hadn't eaten in ages!

Me at home sitting by mum. See the ice cream cone on my bandage? Mum had a hard time figuring out where the end was, and I didn't want her to mess with my leg. A few hours after we got home mum figured it out and took it off. 

Happy April Fooling Day too! 

Stay healthy, stay safe, wear a mask, get the vaccine when you can. 

Just one puzzle, me shortly after seeing big pink mousies.



  1. You look SO stoned in that first photo, Ducky! You may have lost some teeth, but at least you got the good drugs.

  2. MOL about what Summer said and I totally agree! xoxo

  3. We're sure glad all is okay Duck and I'm sure your mouth will feel better soon!

  4. Without those icky teefs, you are going to feel much better, Ducky!
    I'll puzzle later on, thank you!

  5. We're glad everything went well for you, Ducky! Sorry about the tooth thief, though!

    Tama and Benny

  6. Oh Wow Ducky ! Our Mama hates anesthetic too ! We are glad you are better

  7. Ducky, I’m glad your dental went okay but I’m sorry you lost a few teeth. I hope you’ve recovered now. ~Ernie

  8. I am glad your dental went well and hope you are soon feeling much better. Your eyes look like you were away with the fairies!

  9. Hope you are okay. I am not a fan of visiting the tooth doctor either :-|

  10. Oh Ducky - that all sounds most horrible. I think I'd be asking for loads and loads of treats for a month after that adventure.

    Sydney, Australia


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