Monday, May 3, 2021

Mini-ManCat Monday

Most cats have trained their owners. When the cat meows before the refrigerator, the owner obediently opens the door and feeds the cat. When it meows at the back door, the owner is trained to let the cat out. - Leon F. Whitney

I have tried really hard to train mum. But she still leaves the house and leaves me alone for long time. This past weekend she went off again to play with racy cars. She got home later than she usually does when she is gone. 

Caturday things ran long so she couldn't leave, plus they hung out for a little bit to listen to the horsie race. Then Sunday things ended on time, but she was making good time when traffic just came to a stop. This isn't usually a spot with backups so mum assumed it was a bad accident. It took a full 20 minutes to go about a mile, but then she got off the freeway, all the traffic had to get off and just took a different way home. 

She is all tired and said we will take thing easy today. Mainly going to wash the clothes!

Stay safe, stay healthy, wear a mask, get the vaccine when you can.



  1. Oh noes, when they make everyone get off the road, then whatever happened, it's really bad. Hope everyone is okay. The frustration of sitting in a car in traffic makes humans all uptight.

  2. I hope you got lots of attention when she got home Ducky!

  3. Whatever caused the hold up, I hope everyone was okay. It was nice to have a relaxing Sunday though.

  4. #1 says it's awful to be stuck in traffic. Glad she made it home eventually. We hope she stays close to home this week.

    Tama and Benny

  5. Sounds like your mum had a busy weekend, Ducky. Spending today taking it easy is a good thing.

  6. Human training is an ongoing job, Ducky.

  7. You are very good to tolerate her bad habits! Some kitties would complain more about absences. But, yeah, we do love our Beins and forgive them their transgressions...

  8. Our Dad watches the F1 show on Friday and Saturday and then pushes it to Sunday too. It takes a lot of our time up but we have to give them their little pastimes Ducky. But do we? Hmmm

  9. Wash the clothes? Focussing lots of time and attention on you is a far more important job!

    Sydney, Australia


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