Thursday, August 5, 2021

Puzzle Garden Thursday

 Yeah, it is Thursday again. The hots are coming again so the nice open windows are going to be gone again for at least a week. 

Mum and I have been watching some of the Lympics. Mostly the horsie stuff. Mum watched them jumping like crazy the other morning. 

Yes we know someone there. The Chan's #1 is there and has been posting all sorts of updates on Booking the Face. Mum says it makes it more special since we have inside notes on what is happening inside the barns!

Mum thought this jump was super pretty. They were very inventive with putting in Japanese themes into things.  Mum figured out the pic was of Mt Fuji and the numbers 3776 are the height in meters of the mountain.

Someone commented on how different my furs look in terms of color. I think it depends on the light of when the pic is taken. Sunlight, lamplight, natural light etc. 

Two weeks ago I got a spa day cuz these peoples came and cleaned our house. Well they came again on Monday and cleaned again. Mum says they will be back every other Monday to clean. Mum doesn't like to clean but she likes a clean house. So I guess there is no way I can get this place refurred to my level. Oh well. 

Puzzles - me and one of our sun flowers.

preview63pieceIMG_4757 preview35pieceIMG_4847


  1. Yes, Ducky, the different light makes your furrs change color; it's lovely!
    Thanks for the puzzles, I'll play them soon.
    We've watched a bit of the Tokyo Games; always amazing to see what these athletes can do!

  2. kewl mum act shoo a lee noez sum one at de oh lympix !!!! awesum :) best fizhez two them :)

    and pleez let uz noe how much furz ewe wood like, we will send ewe sum :) ♥♥

  3. We've enjoyed the horse olympics too and #1s updates are fun. I hope you have a fun day too Ducky!

  4. We have no interest in the 'lympics here. My coat looks different in different lights, too. Say, when those cleaners are done there can you send them our way?

  5. Ducky we Gingers really have amazing fur that molds to light and mood. Very expressive. We love yours

  6. Having someone with insider info has made it much more interesting watching the equine side of the Olympics.


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