Monday, May 16, 2022

Mini-ManCat Monday

As I am delivering seven plates of breakfast to the two dogs and five cats at their various eating stations all over our three-storey house, I usually just say, quite honestly, "Hi, my name is Melissa and I will be your waitress for the day. - Melissa McIvor

I get all my foods at the same spot every day. In the kitch-hen. Mum will give me treats in the living room, but no gooshy foods go into the living room. 

We had lots of warms this past week. So much so much even used the air chiller for a couple of days. Today it is more back to normal. But while we could have open windows I took advantage of it and just chilled on my perch in the window. 

 Mum thought this pose looked familiar. Well, yes. Derby used to hang out here too!

Mum went to play with racy cars this weekend, but at a track close to where we live so she could leave late and get home early. 

Look at all those places to sit, but they weren't allowed spectators In the pic below 25 is mum's furiend and on Sunday he won his class! Yay!

Plus the warms have brought the flowers out. The crabby apple tree, the lilac and bleeding heart are all in bloom!

Mum says they smell really nice

Anyway, that is all. Have a good week everyone.


  1. Pretty flowers. Our Bleeding Heart also flowered beautifully this year!

    It's getting warm here too!

    Tama and Benny

  2. I have always wanted a Bleeding Heart plant and bought one last Monday at last. I don't think it will flower this year unless it is late, but hopefully next year.

  3. Ducky, it was warm here too...and now it's not!
    The Hubby was closing windows last night, as the cold front moved through.
    I kept one window cracked, because darnit, it's summer now!

  4. My foodz bowl is on the kitchen floor, but mine Mommy always get upset cause I take "bites" in my mouf over to the carpet to eat them. She can't figure out why and I refuse to change ... mushy, your Mom's right! Your flowers are spectacular!

  5. You look very cozy Ducky and that's a nice photo of Derby. Those are really cool cars.

  6. We are gonna have some warms here - triple digit warms!


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