Monday, May 23, 2022

Mini-ManCat Monday

It's the cat's house. We just pay the mortgage.

Ha! Mum says we don't have a mortgage anymore. Mum paid it off, and she has lived here for 20 years! I don't have enuf paws and such to count that high. Happy to have a roof over our heads and foods to eat. 

Mum wasn't doing her crow-shay for a bit. Taking a break, doing other stuff outside, racy weekends and all. But she started up again doing the hats. Here are her first few she did. Nice and colorful.

It has been cool here so mum might open the windows for a bit so we get fresh air in the house. Mum closes them when it feels a bit cool. She has been wearing long sleeves too. When it gets cool I like to sleep with mum. We keep each other warm. 

Mum says she has to use the grass eater today. She used it on Caturday in the back yard as the grass is growing quickly. Mum says she will have to cut it more often but she wishes it would grow slower. 

Have a good week everyone.


  1. We really like that second pic of you, Ducky!

    We don't have a mortgage either, which #1 says is a good thing in the current environment.

    We are doing No Mow May here so the garden is wild and no grass is being eaten, except by critters!

    Tama and Benny

  2. Those are nice photos of you, Ducky. The hats are pretty.

  3. You are a cutie. Very nice hats.

  4. Hooray for no mortgage, that's a really good thing! Those hats are darn cute.

  5. We did some garden stuff this weekend, when the temps dropped.
    But we humans were still sweating hard, as we dug and dug into the earth.

  6. good week two ewe both all sew dood !!! mumz hatz bee awesum :) ♥

  7. Those are great hats! So colorful!

  8. My human says she will probably sell our house before the mortgage gets paid off, although she is paying down principal every month. We have plans. ;-)

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