Monday, December 19, 2022

Mini-ManCat Monday

The more people I meet, the more I like my cat.

Mum likes people, some peoples more than others. I too am picky on who I like. Guess me and mum are the same. 

First Happy Hanukkah to those who cellybrate for the Festival of Lights. At this time of year we need all the bright lights we can get! We haven't seen a nice sunny day for over two weeks. Mum turns our Christ-mouse trees on in the early afternoon!

Just a week until Christ-mouse day. Mum is getting her dinner plans all in place and ready to go shopping for the special foods she needs. She is done with making all her special candy and given most of it away. She went out to eat lots this past week. Less cooking for her, heck, even dinner last night got delivered!


Mum with me on her lap, working on the crow-shay. This blankie is just about done, she just needs time to work on it. She mainly does this during feetsball and little feetsball watching the past two weeks. 

She has been reading her books, lots of books, she has a big fat one now about the Queen!

Feetsball Report

None! Again! The Pack doesn't play until Monday night! Sheesh, people around here are going through feetsball withdrawal. Mum has watched tiny bits of other games, but not a whole game. She did watch the guy in khaki who said The Pack still has a furry small chance, 8%, to make the playoffs. Mum says it is likely closer to zero!

Have a wonderful week everyone.


  1. It is nice to eat out and have a break from cooking.

  2. You're looking very beautiful this morning Ducky, and the more sparkly lights in the winter time that we have the better.

  3. Ducky, am curious which book your Mum is reading about The Queen!

  4. I hope when your mum buys her special foods for Christmas, she gets something special for you, Ducky. ~Ernie


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