Wednesday, April 12, 2006

Outside Report

It has gotten very nice out the past few days. So Vir-ginger has been outside some more to report. She jumped up into the crab apple tree to get a better view of the back yard. She was looking for birdies and flowers. Then she watched mum rake part of the yard. Plus mum opened more windows today.

Mum showed Vir-ginger some plants that the neighbor calls 'naked ladies'. Hmmm. They don't look like ladies to me and I didn't know that plants wore clothes, so how could they be naked?
Mum says it is because the green stuff comes up now, dies back in June and the flowers appear all by themselves in July/August. Mum says they are also called 'majic or resurection lilies'.

And you see me sitting inside looking out. Mum are you sure I can't go outside?


  1. We gots a lotta screens up now too. It was almost 80 a couple days ago! We get to go out with a harness & tie out with a stake that sticks into the grass. Then mom can sit & read while we sniff around.

  2. Ugh! If you win the "going outside" argument, please let me know how.

    My mom is adamant about us staying inside. Does she think she is the boss of who goes outside?

    Oh, you are, Mom? That's what I thought. Thanks.

  3. Yall didn't have to get the fire department to get Vir-Ginger out of the tree, didja? I hope not. They're noisy. Outside is noisy and scary. I don't wanna go out there. But I'd let you go out if I was in charge, Derby.

  4. Very nice report, Derby and Vir-ginger.

  5. Derby

    Ping would like to go outside wif you. He is my Indiana Jones brofurr. He loves excit'mnt. You two gingers would get on just purrfectly. I like being indoors. I's such a lil poodin the outside would make me all fraidy. But, I do like to look out the windows and sniff.


  6. ooh Vir-ginger gotted to go in the tree! I love the trees. My beandad putted me on a low branch once and it was so fun. I tried to climb higher but he wouldn't let me! No fair! I think the best thing about outside is rolling in the dirt. Yes, I know this is very un-princessy of me but trust me, it's the best! My beans always complain about it too!

  7. Vir-ginger is quite athletic, jumping into the tree all by herself. Did you tell her to sign up for the Catolympics?


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