Thursday, April 13, 2006

Favorite Words

My dear Princess Mia Bella blogged about favorite words that we blogging cats use. Since we are communicating in our second language we make up words that make sense to us. So here is a go at some of my favorite words.

1. Scritches - I always gotted these, but never knew what they were called. Wonderful ear, neck and chin rubs. I agree with PMB on this one.

2. Mericky - What Charlie and Pandora, Brit Cats, call the country I live in.

3. Poodins - that us! Cats, puddycats, or just poodins.

4. Hoo-has - Most of us boy cats don't have them anymore. But a recent visitor to William's neighbor hood does.

5. Happy toes - what we cats have when we knead(make biscuits) on someone or something. This is from the Calico Girls.

Hmmmm, we haven't had a tag game in a while. So I will tag the following.

Scooby, Shaggy & Scout
Finnigan & Buddy
William of Mass Destruction
Timothy Dickens
Bonnie Underfoot & Victor Tabbycat

Let's see what your favorite new blogging words are.


  1. Derby, you picked "hoo-has"! That is so funny!

    I may do your tag tonight but probably Sunday--I have a deal with Mom. I don't bug her to blog on Fridays and Saturdays and she doesn't get all glued to the computer. She spends more time with me that way!

  2. Mericky! I like that one too. Mericky is cool.

  3. D'oh! I just read this post now...

    I'll have to post on my blog about it later...

  4. Hi, Derby! Fanks for the tag. Mom an the boy haf been hoggin the puter for some game wif zoo animals! What nerve!


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