Saturday, October 27, 2007

Back Home Again, In Whiskerconsin

Well, I didn't actually leave Whiskerconsin, but mum did and now we are both back home. She came an picked me up early today and brought me straight home.

She had a few errands to run, like picking up the mail and getting the treats for the little people for Halloween this next week. But she did get all of that done before she came to get me. Now in between her looking at the big pile of papers she picked up, washing all of her clothes, we are snuggling. I am getting lots of scritches and treats.

I have check out the whole house, things look fine. The birdies are at the feeders, my food and water bowls are all full. But I did have an intruder kittie run through the yard, but mum couldn't get a picture.

So where did she go for work, well, over the mountains this time, to a place with a big salty lake. Mum says this picture is not of the salty lake, but shows some of the mountains as she went over them. She met Juniorbabee and his mum who live in a town with a big salty lake. Our mum's met to eat as mum says she had to eat, might as well have some company. She got to meet Junior as well, so
Mum, nose to nose with Juniorbabee.
More later, back to snuggling.


  1. A belated happy birthday to you. I'm glad you mom made it back safely and is giving you her cuddles.

  2. Glad your Mom is back home and I think it's great she got to meet Junior!

  3. Ack! Derby, I forgot you birthday party last weekend. Here is Saturday, again. I'm sorry. My mom bean has been hogging the computer and since then and I havent been able to blog to my friends very much lately. Happy #4, very late.
    I'm happy to see your package arrived. And that your bean is back home snuggling with you...


  4. Hi Derby: Glad you are having snuggle time with Mom and that the package arrived, too! Have a nice weekend.
    Your FL furiends,

  5. YIKE, she was uppina air that high? That must have been scarey! No wonder she needed to do some ground things when she got back!

    Good to hear ya got lots of sritches an attshun, though. Overdue, an all that.

    Skeeter and LC

  6. That's too neat - that your mom got to meet Juniorbabee! I love that picture of the mountains ...

  7. Wow those mountains looks big, I don't think I've ever seen a mountain before. FAZ

  8. Oh WOW! Your mom got to meet Junior? That is so neat-o! Junior is such a nice kitty.

  9. Oh how exciting that your Momma got to meet another cat!!! Cool. Salt Lake looks like a very nice place!

  10. Those are sweet photos of your Mum with Juniorbabee. Especially the last one. I know you're glad to have her home :-)

  11. Oh dat's so nice yur Mum got to meet JuniorB! Isn't is awesome to see those mountains and valleys from da sky?

  12. Hey Derby!

    It was great meeting your Mom! She scritched me and petted on was great!

    My Meowm enjoyed herself at dinner with your Mom! It's just to bad you couldn't have come along too!

  13. That's so cool that your mum got to meet Junior Babee!!

    Luf, Us


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