Saturday, January 26, 2008


Another MEME and I guess I am ready to singing my song. I got tagged by Mr Chen & Ollie.

It's an easy one, all you have to do is tell everyone 3 things that are new with you! Link it back to the kitty who gave it to you and Tigmuthep and pass it on to 3 more kitties you'd like to know more about!

This is hard, I can't readily think of three new things. It is just the same old stuff, mum, me, birdies etc. So I gotta think about this a bit. So amuse yourselves for a few minutes. Or you can look at my picture.
Three things that are new with me are:

1. I am now a naked kittie. Mum has not put my collar back on since I came back from the kittie spa back in October.

2. I wait in the kitchen window until I see the postman coming. Then I run to the front windows by the box, then when he walks away, I run to the other end of the house and watch him go to the neighbors house. The post man never looks at me and mum thinks it is funny.

3. I let mum rub and pet my tummy but I won't let her brush me with the ZoomGroom on my tummy.

The three kitties I tag are:

Wrigley and Cobalt

Goldenshade (Goldie)

Lyra and Caesar

Yeah that is more than 3 kitties but they share blogs! And these are some new kitties to blogging. So go say hello and welcome them if you have not already done so. Wrigley and Cobalt even joined in our purrayer vigil the other evening.

So what else has been happening in the house lately. Mum has been playing music, specifically The Phantom of the Opera cast album. She saw in the newsy paper today that the show opened in New York 20 years ago today.

Plus she has been furry busy doing stuff, the sucking monster, getting her fur cut and making a huge batch of soup for Grampie. I wanted to help, but mum said no, so I went and watched the birdies.
So you cut up lots of these.
And these.
Put them in here for a long time.
Add cheese!
And milk and put them back in the rotating box.
Dish it out into little dishes.
Mum saved one bowl for her, added some crackers and enjoyed.
I finally got to have a lick or two of the empty bowl. Delish!


  1. You get to be our second meme which is just as great!!

    That soup looks delicious, and my mom has a whole set of those plates with the green flowers on them. She has the bowls and the tea cups too. She got them from my great aunt many moons ago. (She died in 1992 and I know she had them for ages before that!!) Maybe an antique item?

  2. Greeat meme and lovely pictures:) The soup looks great and as you cook it in the microwave, I might try making it as I can avoid my Evil Oven! xxx

  3. Yummy looking soup!! Momma would like to know approximate amounts and times, if possible. And if any ofur seasonings are used.
    ~Meeko & Kiara (Momma Becca too!)

  4. That soup looks yummy! It seems there has been a lot of new stuff with you, Derby.

  5. Yummy ... I'm glad that you got at least a lick or two.


  6. Thanks for sharing the new things about you with us Derby! And your Mom's soup looks delicious. I didn't find your picture in the email. Can you send it again to mrtigger9 (at) g mail (dot) com! Thanks.

  7. You're nekkid? I'm so jealous. I want my collar to just go away, never to be found again...

  8. You gots to lick da bowl! Lucky you!

  9. Your soup bowl looks exactly that Nana's crunchie bowl. Do you know our Nana?

  10. MomBean says YUM! She made some soup in the crockpot wif 'tater, water and cream cheese. I only wanted the cheese part...

  11. You don't have a cowwar on now! Oh how I envy you! That soup wooks wonderful! I wish mine Mummy would make some for me too.

  12. Hey! You have the same dishes as my human! Does that mean it was meant that we should be running mates?!

  13. That looks delicious, Derby - I'm glad you got some!

  14. Great meme & really good looking soup!

  15. This must be meme month! I made up a new one for the Super Bowl and since I know ya are a fan I tagged ya. Be sure to stop over and check out my January 26 post for the rules.

  16. That soup looks lishus. Our mum wondered if you could put up the quantities too.

  17. Thanks for visting my blog. That soup looked good to bad you didn't get more of it. I am a naked cat also.

    Shelby aka the fatman

  18. That soups looks yum said mum.

    I calls the beans food stinky goodness, cuz it doesnt always smells good to me but I guess it does to thems.

  19. Oh how yummy! Ut oh. Schmaybe mom will cook tomorrow.

  20. wow ... dat soop haz all da thingz dat i luv ... espeshullee milk an cheez.

  21. I don't like my tummy brushed either...and I barely let my tummy get petted!

    That soup looks yummy! Meowm says she is gonna try it out!


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