Friday, February 8, 2008

Funky Fang Shui Friday

Beware of doors closing on tails. The reward might not be worth the pain.
This is me checking out the inside of the big cold box. Mum turned away and the door closed. All you could see what my tail. I am usually looking for ham. Mum always has ham in the big cold box.

The snowstorm is finally over. Mum went outside Wednesday night about 8 PM to use the snow eating monster. By that time the snow had stopped and the wind wasn't so bad. So she cleaned off the snow for the forth time that day. Plus she had to clean one last time on Thursday morning after the plow went by to clear the street. She thinks we got about 13 inches total.

Thursday after she came home from work, she raked the roof of the house, then cleaned up after pulling all of that snow down. Then she shovelled the patio off. Here are pictures of the patio after she cleaned it off. Mum says the top of the piles is about three feet high.
Her little sign on the gate fell off into the snow. She brought in in to be safe. Soon, hopefully, it will be nice enough to put it back on the gate to welcome people to the flowers.
The actual worst of the snow was between me and Bonnie Underfoot and VictorTabbycat in Madtown. Some places got up to 20 inches of snow, lots of people got stuck in their cars on the interstate road.

So where was I during all of this, snoopervising, ummm, well napping and snoopervising.
Ok mum you are finally inside, kick off those wet boots and clothes. Warm up and let's snuggle!

Mum says she wishes she could have a resting weekend, but that isn't going to work. She still has all of the normal stuff to do. Laundry, buying food. Plus Grampie will be coming over on Sunday.

Fevver Friday

Mr Downy Woodpecker


  1. Derby!!!! Waz you clozed INSIDE da fridge??? Yikes man...dis iz nuttin' short of dizastrous. (But waz dere some good ham in dere???)

  2. Derby, we still think that's way too much snow. I am glad your human is back in and getting warmed up!

  3. Hiya Derby,
    If you comes to my blog today you can have a Friday suprise - you are my this weeks friday friend, especially as you is handsome, I thought the lady cats would like a nice mancat to look at.

    I borrowed a couple of your photos from your bloggie if that is ok - only handsome ones.

    Your friend
    Poppy Q

  4. How is the tail feelin'. I know the smells from in there are inviting but be careful. That is waaaay to much snow. Crazy. We are supposed to get another storm this weekend and I really don't know how much more of it I can stand.

    ~Stay warm.


  5. Yoo mean yoo was closed in the cold box and yore Mommy stopped to take a pikshur of yore tale?!?! Whoa! Yore Mommy has been possessed by dat flashy box! We hopes yore tail is ok!!!

  6. How horrible! Well the cold part but I could see how the ham might be worth it.


  7. that's a lot of snow Derby! we're glad that the snow has stopped and that your mom is home safe and sound - we heard about some awful traffic accidents in whiskerkonscin

  8. You make a right handsome Friday friend over at Poppy Q's.

    Good snoopervising.

    jans funny farm

  9. Wow, that's a lot of snow! Our Daddy spent all day yesterday with the big snow eating machine, and it's still not all clear!

  10. One place I have never gone before is the refrigerator. I might have to check it out...

  11. wow, no sign of any snow for us brits yet!

  12. Your poor mom! I hope she manages to get some rest this weekend. I'm sure you will snuggle her and keep her warm, Derby.

    You and Ivy have the fridge thing in common. She runs inside it every chance she gets! Be careful . . . it is cold and dark in there!

  13. Your poor mom - dat's way too much snow to deal with! hope she gets a little bit of time to cuddle with you this week-end - you both deserve it!

  14. I always try to get in the fridge and look around too, sometimes you can find some interesting things in there!

  15. Glad you got out of the fridge. It could have been bad if you would have gotten stuck in it.

    shelby aka the fatman

  16. Derby, That is a lot of snow. Now that you got caught in the fridge, you know almost how cold it is outside with all that snow.

    Have a good weekend

  17. I hope your tail wasn't hurt too much!

    In the middle of all that snow, your garden sign made us smile ... soon, soon!

  18. Derby you always take such handsome pictures. the one on the back of the couch is gorgeous!
    HEY! She went to get the camera first while you were stuck in the cold box! Of all the inconsiderate........we sure hope you got some ham!

  19. We hope your tail did not get squished in the box!! Wrigley tried to jump in the dishwasher as the bean was closing it and his paws got stuck. He made a very funny noise, but I think he's okay.


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