Saturday, February 2, 2008

Stoupor Bowl Sunday

I had hoped to be cheering on my team in the big game, but that was not to be. This was supposed to me be cellybrating my team going to the game. I was even modest covering my spots 13 and 14. So I won't have to paint my furs green and gold for the game and get ready to cheer with mum. We will watch, both the game and the ads that they show. Mum and I don't really care exactly who wins the game. We sorta like the Pats, but then you never know about the Gigantic team either. So I will stay neutral. Can't you just tell I am real thrilled about this?! BTW, Happy Belated Groundhog Day. We hope spring comes soon. I have had enough of snow and cold. I want warm weather so that the windows can be open.

We had another hawk attack on late Friday afternoon. It was already getting dark so mum's pictures are not the best. You can see the feathers stuck to the metal cage that covers the feeder. Mum is not sure exactly what type of bird that it caught. Plus by the coloring mum thinks that this is a juvenile delinquent hawk
. The breast is different than the mature hawk she got pictures of a few months ago. Here is a picture after the hawk got the birdie out of the cage and you can see a bit of stuff hanging from his beak that he was eating. After Mr Hawk finished eating she went outside to check things. You can see from the above picture lots of feathers on the ground. Mum said there was feathers scattered all around for 8-10 feet.

What was I doing when all of this was happening. Watching very intently from the bird watching spot. Mum was by the door taking the pictures, I was happy I was inside and safe.
This morning she went out to check in better light on what happened. It had snowed some so the feathers on the ground were mostly covered. But you can see more feathers on the cage including a little bit of blood. Mum brought a few feathers in for me to see. I sniffed at them to smell the outside. Mum thinks these are most likely feathers from the hawk, due to the size and color. So that is all my excitement for now. Purrs.


  1. WOW!!! That was an exciting event with the Hawk attack! That hawk musta been reely hungry to attack dat birdie and it put up a good fight. We am scard da some big hawk might come an attack Angie when she's owtside too coz she's kinda little. Good fing yoo were inside. We don't care much bout da game eifur now dat da Packer aren't in da stooper bowl. Shmaybe if we had green papers on it it wood be fun but we don't.

    Yep - da beans wants to go to Whiskerconsin da end of July. Shmaybe Dad will get to see dem at training camp? Dey am trying to find a nice B&B to stay at in Door County plus dey want to bisit Madison. Any plannin' advice will be preshe-ated

  2. Wow you got to see a hawk??? And smell it's feathers! We only see boring black birds and pigeons-mom calls them flying rats-they look like birds to us!!!

    We sent in our picture to the gorgeous gingers and we left the Russian out...poor Kodak. Maybe he can find a Russian Blue group to join so he doesn't feel so left out.

    Kodak, 3 Perf and Winton

  3. Derby, thank you so much for visiting my blog during my surgery and diagnosis, and for leaving such encouraging comments. I am so thankful to have so many supportive friends. Purrs!

  4. You got hawks there! Be careful Derby!

  5. How very sad for the little birdie. I mean it would have been happier if you had eaten it Derby.

    I was going to root for the Packers since the 'Hawks lost but now I do not know who to root for. Sigh.

  6. Nefer mind Patses and Giantses; watch out fer that HAWK! YIKE!

  7. We have Hawks here too, and Eagles, and Buzzards! They are scairty looking. We are good undercover-takers though.

    Go Pats, 'cause our Grampy said so!

  8. A hawk attack, be very careful!!!!! We have those out here but I didn't think they would come that close. I'll have to keep my eyes on the skies this spring.


  9. Mr. Hawk is a very fierce predator!

    We are going to cheer for the Patriots, because they have had a very amazing season.

  10. Murder in your own back yard! Right in front of you! Well, thats nature we suppose!
    Mom found a crow feather yesterday & brought it inside too for us to sniff.

  11. Yikes!!!
    Green furz & fevverz? You iz really an avid fan Derby. I don't know anyting at all abouts footsball. Da dadee doez, but da momee iz useless!

  12. You root for the Packers, and I'm going to root for the Niners. :)

    Luv you in green.


    Skittles, The Huntress

  13. wow! what excitement. we feed lotsa birdies too so we see this sometimes. mommy always kinda roots for the hawk cause they have such a hard time finding food, especially in the cold.

    Thanks so much for your nice words and thoughts for Sonny & his family. They mean a lot.

  14. Wowee!
    That Hawk sounds scary. More scary that a vishus deer.
    Smellin' the feathers sounds like it would be a lot of fun.

    We don't watch da feetsball in my house. We is gonna watch Jane Austin on PBS.

  15. You've been very busy this weekend. Sorry the Packers didn't get to the Superbowl.

  16. There sure was a lot of excitement going on around your bird feeder! I was on the edge of my seat!

    P.S. I commented at the M-Cat site; isn't that how you join?


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