Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Lap Kittie

Yes you see correctly! The other day I walked onto mum's lap and sat down. For the first time ever.

I have walked across her lap, sometimes even standing on her lap. But I had never before stopped and sat down. I was there for a few minutes, as she had time to reach the flashy box and get photo proof! One picture from the back, the other from above.

Mum's flashy box is rarely far away so she can get pictures all the time. On one of my Funky Fang Shui Friday posts you were worried that my tail got hurt while she had gone off to find the camera. Actually I had been helping her pick out her lunch.
You can see the big wide spot along the bottom and there is room for me. So I don't get squished and the door closes very softly, so my tail was not actually hurting in any way. But mum has to be careful when she goes to look for her foods. I always want to check out what is in the big cold box. I know that yummy things come from in here, like ham, chick-hen, turkey, beefs, cheese and all sort of other yummy bean foods.

The Girls at 3 Cat Blog gave me an award. Thank you!
Now, who to pass it along to. I feel like I could give this to everyone who blogs as we have such a great community of furiends, but here are a few that I pick for being such good furiends to both me and mum.

All of the gang at House of (Mostly) Black Cats. The kitties and their mum Robyn are such furiends to all of us bloggers

The Piney Woods Cats
- Patches, Mittens, Mistrie Rose and Precious Flower, along with Calico Mom Toni.

Cat Naps in Italy - I learn all about live in Italy and I keep them updated on football during the season.

Fat Eric - My fellow Gorgeous Ginger. All floofy and wonderful who lives in the UK.

It is election day here, mum voted, now we have to wait for the results. At least the crazieness on TV and the phone calls will go away for a while.


  1. Congratulations on your award~!
    I think you are very sweet being a lap kittie, which I am not able to do that~! That is very sweet of you.

  2. we hope your mom voted for Chey!!

  3. Wow...that's a big event...sitting on a lap! Emmy has never done that. After 3 years she's finnally let her human pet her and a few times hug her! Of course Bear & Moses make up for it...they love to snuggle.

  4. Sigh, meat... Of what do you speak this meat... WHICH DKM DOESN'T HAVE IN OUR FRIDGE!

    Not that I'm bitter...

  5. Oh, fank you Derby. We will post it on Thursday!!

    The Big Piney Woods Cats

  6. Congratulations Derby - we are glad that you took a moment to sit on your mum. Mom longs for a day when Cody just lets her touch him. Also, congratulations on your award.

    Tiki, Tavi, Cody and Camie

  7. Did she vote for us Derby? You will notice that I did not call you regularly there...

  8. Yoo sat in a lap? Wow!!!
    And fank yoo lots for the award. It came at a grate time and made us feel extra good.
    Alla Us Hotties

  9. Congrats on the award and the big sitting on the lap event. Wow. Good thing the camera was close by so we could all share in your big feat.

  10. Wow! Congrats on the award, and for finally sitting on your mom's lap! My sister Ivy does that fridge investigation thing, too.

  11. Ooo, you gots some yummy stuff in your fridge, Derby. Maybe your momma will start sharing with you now that you sit on her lap...
    Your buddy, Jimmy Joe

  12. Just watch out Derby, I wasn't a lap cat and then I started with those sorts of things and now I LOVE laps.


  13. Welcome to the lap-sitting club!

  14. That was so sweet of you to sit in your mom's lap! Congratulations on your award!

  15. It's fun to suprise our beans like that sometimes!

    Concatulations on your award!

  16. Derby you are looking especially soft in these pictures.
    Our mom wishes we would be lap cats, but it ain't happening!

  17. Congratulations on your award!
    Laps are pretty nice - I'm glad that you tried one out. :)

  18. Recently,I have become a lap cat too.I do it mostly when Mom is at the computer :)
    Congrats on your award too !!

  19. The lap is a very nice place to be. You may go there more often. Congrats on your award.

  20. Congratulations on your award, Derby. And wow, you were a lap kitty too! I am ALWAYS a lap kitty but Willow isn't. Sometimes she will lay on our dad, but hardly ever.

    Purrrrrs, China Cat

  21. Derbs, you must take advantage of the lap. It's a great place to nap!

    What a busy day for you.

    I hope your mom voted for Chey too!

  22. Wow! You lapped! I have only ever sat down on Kate's lap once in my life! I'm just not a lap kinda guy, much to Kate's dismay. I do snuggle in bed when it's cold, though. BTW, Kate is absolutely intrigued by the presidential campaign and the primary/caucus process... it's almost as good as The West Wing!!

  23. ConCATulashuns on yur awardie! That's way kool! And how sweet that yur Momma gotted pickshures of you on her lappie.

    Kittyhugs and purrs from MaoMao!

  24. Concatulations! Some of us like looking inside the big cold box. Annie used to climb inside when she was younger and not so porky...

    That is awesome that you sat on your Mum's lap for the first time ever! Maybe you'll eventually be a lap cat!

    Luf, Us

  25. Dearest Derby,

    I didn't see you name, or Chey's, on the ballot in California either.

    Since I am already the decided nominee for my party, The American Patriot Cat Party, I did not need to participate in the primaries.

    But feel free to write my name in next time you vote!


    Skittles, The Huntress

  26. Awards are great to get! Concatulations on yours Derby.

    Thank you's for your purrs. I am feeling a bit better now, thanks to all the purrs I gotted.

  27. I'm amazed that was the first time you sat down in your Mum's lap :-0

    You're lucky you're allowed to check out the cold box like that. If my cats tried that, they'd be in big trouble. You've got a really nice Mum.

    Congratulations on your award :-)

  28. I likes to looks in the frigderator too, I'll even climb in for a closer check if mommy doesn't shut the door in time. I think you'll find that labs are the bestest places to sit, you should try them more often.

  29. Derby, you should definately sit on your Mum's lap more often. It is a great place to nap, it is warm and cozy and then you get lots and lots of pets!

  30. Laps are the best. Go there again

  31. So, how was that lap sitting, Derby? I find that it's nice as long as the lap stays still, but my lap tends to get up a lot, so I can't get very comfy.

  32. You inspired me, so I sat on Mom's lap for 15 minutes tonight. A first.


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