Friday, July 11, 2008

Farewell Friday

This week we are losing another of our blogging buddies, Mu shue. He was a senior catizen and had some health issues. He will be helped to The Bridge today. Even with this he was a hero when a fire happened in the apartment back in April, he guided his sisfurs, Lily and Iris, to safety.
Go in peace my friend. A flower for you. A pink lilly.
Have a good weekend every one.


  1. My lovely Simba and Persia had to move away. This has been one of the most sad times in my life. They both went to very wonderful owners that I know; but still it has been very hard on us to have to give them up!

    If you want to see pictures and videos of them go to:

    Please throw up a prayer or two for us as well.

    Simba and Persia’s Human

  2. Mu Shue will definitely be missed. We think this is a lovely tribute to a wonderufl cat.

  3. That was a lovely tribute to Mu Shu.


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