Saturday, July 26, 2008


Mum went into all of her hidey spots and brought out lots of bags of stuff. Then she took all of the stuff out of the bags and put them on the table. I have been invaded by mini-Squillions! Look there are sooooooo many of them. I can't count that high, I don't have enough paws!
Goodness, we have gingers, tuxies, meezers, torties and grey's. Sitting up and laying down ones.
Look at all of the bags they were in and I decided that was a good spot to take a short nap.
But then mum starting taking the bags, wrapping each and every little squllion into a cushion and putting them in a box.
The table is less crowded now, but still more to get wrapped up.
The box is full and all stuff with cushioning material so they don't get bumped around.
But if that box is full, what about these guys? Ah, mum is smart she had another box.
Plus some other bigger things to put inside the second box.
So here are the two boxes ready to go to the station. Mum is sending them off to a special place so they can help raise green papers to help out a kittie.
We will tell you what kittie will be helped, once the boxes reach their destination.

In other news I won KC's contest to name the newest member of the household. Go say hi to Socket SweetFeets Sherwood!


  1. Oh my gosh! That's like a squiliion squillions!

  2. Sophia is right! But I bet you will be a big help to that cat!

  3. I have never seen so many squillions in all my born days!

  4. Whoa!! Squillions and squillions!

    Hopefully they'll do a squillion-load of good, too.

  5. Green Walls Shelter sure had squillions of Squillions, Derby. It's furry good of your momma to adopt them an' pass them on!

  6. We didn't know there could be that many squillions all in one place. Nice of your mom to offer them for a needy cat.

    Congratulations on winning the 'naming' contest.

    Mindy & Moe

  7. Oh wow Derby, that is the most squillions we've ever seen!

  8. A squillion 'splosion! I think I'm gonna need to help out that kittie, cause I KNOW I need me a squillion!

  9. There are a lot of squillions there. It's nice you're going to help some kitty.

    We like the name that you picked for the contest. Very unusual but fitting.

  10. Congratulations on winning the contest! Wow that is a ton of squillions!!!We've never seen that many squillions in all our lives!

  11. Wow that was a jillion squillions. My lady bean trrried to orrrderr me one last yearrr, but they werrre back orrrdered orrr something...

  12. Gasp! That is the most Squillons efer in one place!

  13. Holy moly, my tiny mouth is agape!

  14. Whoa Derbs, there are oodles and oodles of squillions there. Good thing they're leaving to take over somewhere else.
    your bud Pepi


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