Saturday, July 5, 2008

Holiday, Schmoliday

You would never had known is was a holiday by all of the work mum and Grampie did. Sure they did sit around lots too, but they made lots of noise out in the metal monster room too. Mum said they had to clean up and move stuff around so she has room for a new recycle thingy that is coming soon. Mum says the metal monster room needs to be better organized, so she still has lots of work to do yet.

Plus when mum went to pick up Grampie they stopped to check out the river and the falls that had so much water last month. You can see those pictures here.
The main, big waterfall. This is about normal mum says.
Here the area on the right was all under water a few weeks ago. Then mum and Grampie walked down there.
Grampie is standing where it would have been all flooded. Mum says the water would have a least been up to his knees, probably higher. The current was strong too, so no bean could have or should have walked out there when it was flooding. It was furry safe to do this yesterday.
This is the lower falls, also much calmer and really prettier than when there is a big whoosh of water going over it.

Here is the lunch mum maked outside. They sort of had a picnic, but ate inside as the mosquitos are so bad at times. But something funny happened. Even though mum was cooking outside...
.....she manged to set off this loud thing inside the house that doesn't like smoke. hehehehe. The big window that goes to the floor was open, so the outside cooking smoke came inside the house! It was furry loud, but mum came in and closed the door, to keep the smoke out. Then the thing quit beeping.
Yes mum did give me a little bit of the sausage, it isn't as good as chickhen. I know mum has more good stuff to cook outside tonight too. I hope I get some of that.

Hope that every cat and bean had a good holiday. Mum said the weather here was purrfect. Sunny, high temps in the mid-70's, a light breeze and not humid. She said if every day was like this it would be great. Rain only allowed between 10 PM and 6 AM! Ya gotta have some rain for the flowers.


  1. Those falls look beautiful with all dat water in them. Mmmmmm. Dat sausage looks good! Way better n chicken. Holidays are always bizzy round here too. Da beans don't like to go far coz efurryone else is always out too.

  2. Ooh, that smoke alarm thingie must have been *loud! What a pretty place that waterfall is!

  3. Your weather sounds most excellent! It is always too hot and humid here.

  4. The sausages look delicious! What a lovely photos for your people.

  5. Setting off the indoor smoke detector while cooking outside is something I would do!
    ~ Not The Mama

    Purrs to you the hollydaze weekend!
    ~ the gang from
    Purrchance To Dream

  6. OMDawg! Temps in the mid-70s? Maw would LUF that! Too bad your alarm thingee went off.

    Luf, Us

  7. That waterfall is very pretty. Mommy really likes to exlore places like that.She's not very good at taking pictures, though.
    We're very glad you and your family didn't get flooded out.

  8. Oh man, I hate when the smoke alarm goes off! Bet your ears are still ringing. As if fireworks weren't bad enough...

  9. Hi Derby,
    My mom laughed a lot about the smoke alarm thingy...for some reason my mom is a master at making the alarms go off whenever she cooks?

    I liked the water pictures...but it would have been fun to see your Grampy wading in the river as long as it wasn't going too fast. Don't tell anyone, but I used to like to wade in the tributary at the park near where I found mom and later adopted her. She had never seen a cat wade before.

  10. Derby, we love the pictures of the falls near you, they are just lovely. Your mom and Grampa had a great day by the sounds of it. It was funny to hear about the smoke alarm going off because of the barbecue - outside!

    Mindy & Moe

  11. Chicken is definitly better than sausage. Thems is spicy. Greasy too. But The Big Thing likes them.

  12. Mmmm, that sausage looks yummy to alla us Ballicai, and to our beans! I'm glad you hadded a nice holiday. We did, too!

    Kittyhugs and purrs from MaoMao!

  13. We love stuff from the grill - I think that chicken is on the menu tonight - Yum!

  14. Hehehe - we gots lots of them squak boxes in our house too - daddy set them off when he makes toast!

  15. Mmmm ... sausages.

    Those are nice "down by the water" pictures.

    Hope you're having a good weekend too.

  16. That is a very pretty waterfall. We are glad you had a snack from the grill.

    ~ The Bunch

  17. at least your mum loves you and gives you foods. those sausages look good!

  18. t sounded wike you had a gweat weekend!


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