Friday, August 22, 2008

Lights Out

Well I am finally getting around to my Friday post. Mum was going to help me last night and then all of a sudden, the lights went out, the lights came back on, went out, came on and then went off for a long time! It wasn't just us, the whole neighborhood was dark. It is strange being in with no excess light, no street lights, porch lights etc. I know our FL furiends have probably had it worse with TS Fay, but it was a shock to not have electric!

Mum had to light candles and not for anybody going to The Bridge. Since it was already getting late, mum didn't stay up much longer, said we could use the extra sleeps. This morning, heck any morning, mum doesn't have time to help me blog. It is get up, get dressed, eat breakfast and head to work!
So we didn't do much last night, no sure why the power went out, but our neighbor works for the company so she will be able to find out. See if it was a critter or an accident that knocked the lights out. It wasn't a storm, we weren't having any storms.

Flower Friday - some of our purrty day lillies.
The weekend is here, mum is home from work. I have gotten my first share of treats and scritches for the evening.

Happy weekend one and all.


  1. What a pretty color those day lilies are!

    Our lights have gone out before, too, and it's really weird and kinda skeery.

  2. We love the pretty pink daylilies. We are lucky Daddy bean only works four ten hour days so our weekends starts early. ~S, S & C

  3. Your lilies are stunning!

    Skittles, The Huntress

  4. Those lilies are very beautiful Derby! We also hate it when the electricity goes out too, especially in the winter when it is really cold. Of course in the summer it is bad too, and we hope you don't get too warm waiting for it to get turned back on. Hang in their furriend!
    Purrs and headbutts,
    Sabrina, Sam and Simon

  5. DKM actually likes it when the power goes away.

  6. Sometimes, after a hurricane, the power here will be off for many days! We have a generator, just in case.

  7. We never get candles anymore when the lights go out. When it was just me, it was fine, because I don't try to burn my whiskers off like Kat3 does!!

  8. i'm sorry your power went out. that is scary. we are glad you got some extra snuggles with your mommy for sleep tho!

    pretty pretty day lillies!

  9. It's always fun and kinda novel at first when the power goes out, but the longer it takes for it to come back on, the more annoying it gets.

  10. Ooh, having the lights go out can be fun! Hope it didn't inconvience your beans, though.

  11. Hi Derby,
    That sounds like a kinda scary night with lights coming on and off but the candlelight was very pretty.

    It's nice to have weekends with our mum's to cuddle and so they can help us catch up with our blogging friends.
    Lots of purrs,

    P.S. Tell your mum I tagged you and the family to do a meme. Come see.

  12. mommy says that being in the dark is fun for a little while, then it's just annoying

  13. Our lights went out last week too. It wasn't bad because it was still light out, but we didn't have any cool air coming out, so that wasn't fun.

    Tiki, Tavi, Cody, Camie and Miss Jade


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