Monday, August 25, 2008

ManCat Monday - In Honor of Not The Mama

With the qualities of cleanliness, affection, patience, dignity, and courage that cats have, how many of us, I ask you, would be capable of becoming cats? - Fernand Mery
Today we are also honoring a nice CatMan! Mo, Not the Mama of Purrchance to Dream. Not The Mama is a cat magnet. If there is a stray, it finds him! He helps these kitties find homes. He also has been a great guy helping with the CB and CFHF as well. Concatulations!Go and see his newest "save", Pete is a cutey!

Hope everyone had a good weekend. We had more excitement over the weekend. Mum came home on Friday and helped me blog and ate some dinner. A bit later she went outside and there was lots of water rushing down the street!
You can see it here with so much water that it was backing up into our driveway.
Here it is going down into the drain which is on the far end of our house lot.
What happened? It looks like the street sprung a leak but mum says there was a water main that broke under the street.
Mum did walk down there before she got out the flashy box. Later big trucks showed up to fix it, so by Saturday morning the water was shut off but there is still a mess in the street of the dirt and all.

Plus mum talked with the neighbor and found out why our electric went off on Thursday. No accident or critter getting into a box, an underground cable failed. It really didn't bother us too much. It was getting to bedtime so mum just went to bed! So we had all sorts of excitement here for a few days.

Mum and I sorta just chilled out otherwise. I napped, she readed her book, we watched a some of the 'Lympics and all. Mum says we won't have much to do this week with TV, she does not care to watch the political stuff.

Plus we will have more photo shoot stuff to show soon. Mum had her fancy flashy box outside on Sunday.


  1. Too bad that water wasn't rain. We haven't had any in 3 weeks!

  2. I should that if it were you and I on the television that your human would care. Personally, my human and I envy you because the Male will have to watch EVERYTHING...

  3. At first we thought the city was flushing hydrants, ours does that twice a year..but that was way too much water rushing down the street!
    Kind of like your own white water rapids going on!!!
    Can't wait to see yur mums latest pics!

  4. Wow! Exciting! Bwackout, and then so much water!

  5. Not the Mama is great!

    That is a whole lot of water! I'm glad it didn't get to your house!

  6. Derby, Our street looked like that, but it was because of rain.

    Parker, I wish we could give you some of ours.

    ~S, S & C

  7. That sure is a lot of water - we're glad you guys are ok (what with water and losing power - it's been busy there)!

  8. All that water - yikes! I'm glad you had a nice weekend, other than the flood ...

  9. I'm glad you weren't swept away in the water! Lookin' forward to the results of your photo shoot.

  10. Good fing all dat water didn't do any damije to yur house. Can't wait to see all da pictures taken wif da flashy fing. Dat's always fun.

  11. Not a good weekend for the utilities where you live, was it?

    No, the political stuff doesn't sound like it'll be very interesting to watch. Not this party or the other party. Maybe the All-Night Party, though...

  12. Lots of water!

    My mom is with yours--and we ALL have politics-fatigue! This evening we listened to CBC radio (Canada) over the internets instead of our regular NPR just to get a break.

  13. That was a lot of water. One one of our walks in our stroller, we found a bunch of water running everywhere. We think the same thing happened. We hope they get it cleaned up soon.

    Tiki, Tavi, Cody, Camie and Miss Jade

  14. Our street looked a lot like that, but it was because of Fay! Our yard is still sloshy.

  15. Wow, that's exciting. The street ran amok...hee,hee.

    The most exciting thing we got around here lately is the rain and cool weather in August. Normaly, It very hot and dry right now.

    Me and mom wached the 'lympics too. But like you, the TV is not much worth watching this week.


  16. Wow!!! That is a lot of water!


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