Saturday, November 15, 2008

More Unacceptable Behavior

Sheesh, mum is so busy she didn't even get a chance to let me do a Friday post. Hmph. This is unacceptable mum. I know you are busy at work, looking at a puter screen all day, but I need to show my furiends what is going on in my life and check out all of my furiends.
So here I sit on the couch, being bored.

Mum is not only busy at work, she leaves me alone to go mess about outside all morning. Now all of the flowers are gone, the plants cut down and taken away, the chairs are gone from the patio. That means a good clear view for me to see the fevvers in the back yard.
But when she was done, she came inside saying she was cold and hurting. She sat in the chair for a few minutes and made some strange, groaning noises. Then she went to stand in the hot rain room for a long time. Then she got sensible, she took a nap. I joined her and we snoozed in the bed for a while.

Then it was feetsball time. Bucky played and won today. He beat some gopher that thinks he is golden. Not gold today.
Tomorrow The Pack plays Da Bears. Should be interesting. Plus the last race of the season in crashcar. But mum's favorite won't be winning the season, so she doesn't really care who wins.


  1. Well at least things eventually improved when you got to nap together.

  2. Da Bears, Da Bears, Da Bears, DA BEARS!!!!! Guess who we're cheerin' for??
    ~Meeko & Kiara

  3. Why did your mom steal your chairs? We hope she learned a lesson. Don't steal and you won't be groaning. Instead, she should have left at least one under shelter with a blanket or two for your convenience.

    Honestly, humans. They just don't think before they make changes.

  4. Oooh, napping with beans is the best.

  5. Well, the napping part sort of makes up for all the rest, no? ;-)

  6. Good staff is so hard to find. Mommy said if we got her a house keeper she would have more time for us. Does anyone know where you can find a house keeper cheap? We will get her one for Christmas.

    Napping together is good. Especially when the Mum turns on her electric throw. Does your Mom have one Derby? ~S,S & C

  7. Thank you for coming over to mine party! You made mine purrthday a weawwy purrfect one!

  8. We are forcing our pet human to nap with us today too. Glad to hear things improved!

  9. I am glad you finally got her to post. My human was quite busy this Friday too.

  10. At leastee your momee goez out dere! Da momee here won't set foot in da gardun now...'cuz she sez she hurtsez. Ptooey! She iz lazee! Your momee iz ackshoelly workin' out dere, but da momee here sez she iz too cold. Unbeleevabull. I needz to tell her abouts da reel gardenerz of da world.


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