Friday, March 20, 2009

Greenies and other Treats

A few cats commented when I sent care packages to Fat Eric and Eric and Flynn on all of the flavors that Greenies come in, they come in five flavors; Oven Roasted Chicken, Ocean Fish, Savory Salmon, Tempting Tuna, and Succulent Beef. Mum says some stores only have a few of the flavors, but the store she stocks up at keeps all five flavors around and also has the best sales, marking them off by 1/3 when they have them on special pricing.

When mum went to the store she bought a bunch of each so she could make sure she had want they wanted. Fat Eric is partial to tuna, but Eric & Flynn can't have the beef. Mum had 4-6 packages of each flavor and then stuffed as many packages as she could into the little boxes to send them. Here is a picture of Fat Eric with his stash, he got at least one bag of every flavor.
Right now I have three flavors waiting in my stash to be eaten,beef, which I haven't had before, the salmon and ocean fish.
Plus when mum went shopping this week, she had a furry good coupon for Pounce treats, money off if she bought two, then a coupon for one free if she bought two! Way to score mum!
So as you can see I have lots of treats at my disposal, just waiting for me to eat. Well, when mum gives me some to eat. I usually have some open of Greenies and Pounce open all the time and get some of both every day.
You guys are furry good at spotting the hummer and the butterfly in the picture on Tuesday. If you didn't find them, mum has marked the picture. Somecat said the butterfly was a zebra butterfly, they are found in the south of the United States, not way up north here. This is a swallowtail butterfly. Both are in the shadows so not the easiest to spot.
Our weather got colder on Thursday and we still have a little bit of now left! Mum was so disappointed that it didn't go away. It will be warmer the next few days, so it should go away now.

Mum went back to work yesterday. But she had a few good days off, she gots lots of cleaning done, her head furs curled, extra sleeps, went to see an exhibit on the Titanic and enjoyed the warm days we had.
Lots of purrs to Miss Ann over at Zoolatry, she will be having her eyeballs fixed over the next month, but it starts today on Friday. Get better soonest.


  1. Those look like some yummy pictures Derby. Way to go Derby Mom, getting a good deal on Pounce.

  2. All those are food!? Greenies sound good! 5 flavors....

  3. Something tells me that a cat named "Fat Eric" is partial to a whole lot more than tuna. Heh, heh.

  4. Good for your Mom for stocking up on treats when they are on sale. Pounce was Bos' (my brother's previous cat) favorite.

  5. You're lucky to have a human with some financial savvy. And very nice of her to send some goodies to friends!

  6. we used to looove greenies, but the pet store stopped carrying most of the flavors! so now we eat temptations.
    and our mom loves the titanic-she got to go to an exhibit in galveston and was furry excited.

  7. What a load of greenies!!

    Your mom is real sweet to make sure the kitties across the pond get some wonderful treats!

    Have a great weekend!

    Purrs Goldie

  8. You have a seriously good stash of treats there Derby!

    Huffle Mawson

  9. It's not nice to keep all of those treats to yourself. Share, man!

  10. We're not getting many treats at all around here.
    Mom has us on a d-i-e-t.

  11. We are enjoying our Greenies Derby. We love the tuna flavour which we have never had before. We have had the Ocean Fish and the Roast Chicken before, and before Eric was ill, we had the Beef flavour, but now because he isn't allowed to have anything with beef in, mum doesn't let either of us have that flavour.

  12. Great pictures! Hope you are having fun with all your good treats. Happy Spring...

    we are sorry we cannot visit much.. we have an old OLD ibook that does not do well with blogs who have lots of cool pics and gadgets on them.

    we hope to get a new one soon.

  13. Those tuna greenies sould delicious.

    Glad you and your mum enjoyed her days off. It's good when our mums are home a lot.

  14. That was very sweet of you to send those kitties Greenies care packages. Your mom is a very smart shopper.

  15. You have good taste in treats, and your human mum has a good heart to share with other cats.

  16. Hi Derby! We didn't know there were all those different flavors of Greenies...we're gonna make our mom look for them...our favorite treats now are the catnip flavored Pounce.

  17. We have only tried chicken greenies, and they were nom nom nom!!

    Look at all those packets!! Wow!!

    You have trained your mom well.

  18. Smooch!
    I love a full treat stash!

  19. "Wow" look at all those yummy treats.It was very sweet of your mom to send some to Fat Eric and Eric and Flynn.Fat Eric looks very happy in the photo.We are still waiting for some sun here it's rainy and gray...I hope it get's warm soon :)

  20. *thud*

    Sorry, that was the sound of me fainting at the sight of all those delicious treats!

    I sent you a box today. So look out for it, although it will probably take a couple of weeks to get to you!

    PS I saw your mum went to a Titanic exhibit. The Maritime Museum where Cornish Grandma works as a volunteer in Falmouth is running a big Titanic exhibit at the moment, too!

  21. You have ALL those treats?!?!?!? I like the Pounce myself! Happy snacking---and I like the picture of you on the window sill!

  22. Oh man... derby! I would be finding a way into those little guys!
    Momma won't buy me greenies a cause they is like $10 a packet here and we likes cravers much better anyways :)

  23. Derby, that was so nice of you and your Mum to send the Greenies to Fat Eric and Eric & Flynn! We love the picture of Fat Eric licking his chops over them ... hee hee! Our favorite treats at the moment are the Friskies Beachside Crunch Party Mix, but we like Greenies to, so maybe Momma should get us some more ... Have a great Sunday, furriend!
    Purrs and headbutts,
    Sabrina, Sam and Simon

  24. Hello Derby. Thanks for visiting our blog!

    We are overwhelmed by your array of treats! We show our utter ignorance by saying that we did not even know that there are Greenies for Kitties! #1 gets them for Tommy when she can find them (almost never) but has never seen them for kitties! France is waaaaaay behind when it comes to pet stuff!

  25. Hi Derby... We have a town of Derby here in Western New York... FUR ur inFURmation.

    I am Furby... which rhymes with Derby... Furby is really short fur Furbert Leo Cappuccino.

    We love treats...

    We have human brother named Eric and he's fat too... really he is...

    Wanted to say HEY and thanks for coming to visit us on our blog.


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