Monday, March 9, 2009

ManCat Monday

God is really only another artist. He invented the giraffe, the elephant and the cat. He has no real style, He just goes on trying other things. - Pablo Picasso

It was a yucky weekend. First the time change, mum was walking around Sunday like she was brain dead and very tired. She had enough sleeps, so that can't be the problem. She said it was probably the yucky weather making her head hurt. So she took some pills and had a nap with me as well. Then her head felt better.

We got lots and lots of rain this weekend. At times there was so much rain it was starting to pond in low spots, but not close to the house. The snow piles are getting smaller but not totally gone.
The one bright spot over the weekend was getting a box of goodies from Eric and Flynn. I send them Greenies, which they can't buy in the UK. They sent back some treats for me and mum! Mum tried the tea and chocoloates, says both of them are good.
I like the treats, here is mum giving me one, it is a long stick of chewy chickhen and liver.
Oh yeah, at the end of Sunday, before it got dark, it even started to snow a bit again. What little we got, it barely covered the grass, should melt today.


  1. I hope the weather could be fine soon~!!!

  2. Hi Derby--
    I hope Spring-like weather comes soon for you and your mum.

    Those treats look good! Chicken and liver...tasty!

  3. Seems the blahs are going around with the only true cure, a sunny Spring day.

    That is a great package from those two orange boys! I had one of those chew sticks this Christmas from Germany. Very Nommable for sure!

    Purrs Goldie

  4. Mommy said that she though we would have to build an ark yesterday!

  5. It is very windy here and it makes our Mommy's head hurt too. It also makes her cough and blow her nose so we are purring good weather will come soon.

    Hope your Mommy is feeling better. Snuggling with a cat is the very best medicine. ~S,S, C & F

  6. Hi Derby! Well done on the treats from the UK.

    And I just want to say that a little bit of sunshine goes a long way in putting a little zing in the step.

    I hope you see some warm, sunny days soon.

  7. You always have interesting things to report Derby. that was cool of Eric to send goodies to you both! And we may get snow this week too. Our mom napped the afternoon away too, then was still tired at bedtime!
    She doesn't handle the time changes well either.

  8. our weekend was crappy too. in more ways than one.

  9. It's probably the weather that's making your mom feel yucky. Our mommy seems to take more afternoon weekend naps when it's snowy or rainy out.

    Hope she feels better soon!

    Samson and Delilah

  10. Wow! That chewy chicken and liver stick looks yummy!!!

    It rained here all weekend long...fortunately it stopped today or else we thought we would need an ark!

  11. Snow is yucky and we don't like it at all! It was nice and warm this weekend and all our snow was gone by Friday!

    Glad to hear your Mom got over her headache.

  12. What a yucky day! I am glad you had treats and a nice mommy nap to cheer you up. We're having Spring type weather here, but it won't last long.

    We hope some warmer weather and sunbeams come your way soon!

  13. My mom is weird and changes the time on Friday evening rather than Saturday evening the weekend time changes. She says that makes her feel like she has more energy by Monday. I think time change is silly. But you did get a good mom time nap out of it :)

  14. Uh what a weekend. We slept a lot here because of the time change and it was dark here too. We even got snow! Now it is sunny out but it is cold outside!

  15. We are glad you liked your treats and your mum liked hers. We have been keeping on at mum to put our photos of all our lovely Greenies on our blog but she still hasn't put them on the computer yet. Beans are so slow sometimes!

  16. Glad to hear that things were getting better for your Mum by the end of the weekend. Sometimes humans need to learn what we cats already know -- a nap is good for what ails you.

    That was very nice of Eric and Flynn to send a package to you, and it sounds like it came at just the right time to help everyone feel better.

  17. Sending lots of healing purrs to your mom. Hope you get sun soon. We had more snow today.

  18. We got lots of rain too. I couldn't even see out the window because it was so foggy.

    Those treats look yummy! I could go for one of those.

  19. What a perfect time to come when you are feeling a bit grey! :)
    I bet you had lots of fun tasting everything.. I bet your momma did too! :)

  20. Derby, I hope your mom is feeling better and that spring will arrive at your house soon.


    I am so behind in thanking everyone. At first I was just too emotional to write. You were so kind to leave a comforting comment upon my beloved Jake’s passing last month. The cat blogosphere is a wonderfully caring community, and I am honored to be a part of it. Thank you for your support during this difficult time for me. Jake’s memory will forever live in my heart and mind.

    ~J&B’s Mom Nancy

  21. good treetz ... krappity krap krap wether!
    mi mom iz like a zombie today.
    she wuz like a zombie yesturday.
    i hope she'z back to bein herself tomorrow. dis zombie stuff iz disturbin.

  22. Our weather has been very dreary to.
    Treats make everything better :)

  23. Ooh, your treat looks very delicious!

    Maybe that's why my mom's been so tired and under the weather this week, too - the time change! We forgot ...

    I hope you get some sunshine this week!


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