Monday, June 8, 2009

ManCat Monday

A day without cats is like a day without sunshine.
Mum always says she misses me when she is gone, that I brighten her day when I am around. Her little ray of ginger sunshine everyday.

Well the weather guessers said it was going to be a rainy day, but the sun came out anyway. So we had a nice enough day that mum could open windows. I did a lot of sitting in the window and chittering away at the birdies at the birdie bath.

Mum was home most of the day, other than going to the store to pick up foods. She got through her pile of stuff she wanted to read. Plus she finished another crow-shay baby blankie yesterday. She hopes that she can take a break from making baby blankies, she hopes the beans at work take a break making babies!

Mum is glad that you like our library, it opened shortly after she moved here, in 2002. Mum says it is the library that garbage built, as some of the funds to build it came from the fees people paid to dump their garbage in our landfill! The quilt was made by a local purrson and put up to add color to the building. The library even has a page on Facebook.


  1. fortunately for your mom's tired hands baby making isn't going to pause anytime soon.

    in malaysia it's the school holidays and some people get married now as it's easy for faraway family members to come and celebrate the family affair. nine months from now i assure you babies will be delivered aplenty.

  2. I agree with your mum's words, she says I brighten her days too. Mum also is busy with her hands nitting cause we have two great grand beans comming. Mums first "great" beans. Mum cant crochet very well though so she knits.

    Thanks for the update on your library.

    Hugs GJ x

  3. We likes your library, we loves libraries. ~S,S,C & F

  4. Hi Derby!
    I love chittering at the birdies outside. We have two new Robin families and little speckled fledglings! Makes me chitter just thinking about them!
    Your friend,
    Tommy (Shilgiah's bro)

  5. Your weather guesser was wrong by a few hundred miles. We got the rain & cold. A pretty horrible weekend with nothing to do but nap.

  6. Libraries are really cool places. My Mommie goes there a couple times a month. It seems like such a quaint idea that you can "borrow" books for free! I hope libraries are always around.

  7. Hey, our mom is going to da library today! She is taking back some books and getting some more, what a weerd idea...books fur free! Mom sez if dem beans spent more time reading dey prolly wouldn't be haffing so many baby beans.

  8. We like chittering at the fev-vers too.

  9. Hope you enjoyed your day, Derby!

  10. Awww. My mommie says the same about me. It makes me feel good.

  11. My serving staff seem to need to have us felines around too. They say it wouldn't be a home without us. (Well, duh!) You look so very comfy on that bed!

  12. We cats are born to be missed when not around and the lights of our beans' days when around.

    Thankyou for coming to help me celebrate my graduation. It was a wonderful day and I had more furriends coming than SS!

  13. You're such a handsome mancat, Derby! Although our Sassy is a little confused how you can be sassy when *she's* Sassy and she's a ladycat...we'll try and get her to unnerstand. You're also the same age as her, and her siblings Bugsy and Callie, they were bornded in October 2003 too! :)

    We're glad you came and visited our blog, and we'll be back to visit yours again!

    Purrs and hugs,
    The Kitty Krew
    Bugsy, Sassy, Callie, Roxy, and Pixie, and Their Mommy

  14. Isn't it nice knowing that you brighten your Mom's day? I like her library quilt. I'd like it better if it was on a couch and I was sleeping on it.

  15. Derby, I am glad you have nice weather to enjoy today! And it is so true, a day without cats (and blogs about cats) is like a day without sunshine!

  16. Heehehe dat's funny bout takin a brake frum makin babies.
    And a'course yoo is a ray of ginger sunshine :)
    Sanjee and the resta her Hotties


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