Friday, August 14, 2009

Finally Friday

Thanks for the purrs for Grampie. It has been a furry long week., he is doing better, but mum had to take him to the ER Tuesday night after I posted. His plumbing isn't working right.

Mum got a call just before sleeping time. She got dressed, turned off all the lights and left in the metal monster. She got back hours later, crawled in bed, then got up a few hours after that and went to work. Plus during that day they got see the specialist doc, he did some stuff that made Grampie feel better. He has test next week but is doing OK. Keep up the purrs please.

Mum came home with a package today, she bought it to help a bean out at work who is off work with a brain tumor. They had all sort of stuff for people to bid on in a silent auction and this is what mum got. It is a bowl, bread and soup mix. Mum got something else, but I will share that later.
What I like it that it has crinkley paper that I like to chew on!
Now for Auntie Deb. Loose screws? Yeah, its about time she admitted it!
Farewell to Charlie Cat. You weren't with us on the CB for long, but we loved you and will miss you. Run free at the Bridge little guy.
It's a big TGIF this week. Take care everyone.


  1. Well I am glad that they are making him feel better. We will keep purring! I think your Mom won a cool gift!

  2. Crinkly paper!! Wooo!!!

    Goodbye, Charlie. Enjoy your time at the Bridge.

  3. I am glad to read that your grampie is feeling better - we will keep up the purrs and good thoughts! And it is wonderful that your mom got that great package and is helping someone who needs it at the same time!

  4. I hope Grampie continues to improve.

  5. Derby, we are glad that your Grampie is doing better, and will purr and purray that he will do nothing but improve. We didn't find out about Charlie Cat until this morning because Momma was gone all day yesterday and we were all pretty leaky eyed, but we know he was loved so much in the time he was with ML, Daddy Charley and the kitties. And Auntie Deb sure is getting some jokes today ... hee hee!
    Purrs and headbutts,
    Sabrina, Sam and Simon

  6. I will keep purring.. I love crinkly paper too..

    Hugs GJ xx

  7. We are glad for Grampie!

    The bowl/bread/soup sounds good. We actally drink soup sometimes (if it is meat flavored).

    Whokitty doesnt like crinkly paper? We get some an it gets saved fer special ocassions. Cool!

    We are sad ta hear about Charlie Cat. We hope he meets Skeet over the Bridge...

  8. We are glad your Grampie is feeling better. We are sending purrs for him to stay feeling better.

    We like crinkly stuff too! Meowm has been leaving paper bags out for us to hide in and play with...we love it!!!!!

  9. We are glad your Grampie is doing better. We will keep purring for him.

  10. We'll continue to purr for grampie.
    Thats a cool prize she bid on and got!
    Hummmmm, we're wondering what the other thing is! Don't keep us in suspense too long!

  11. We like crinkly stuff too! Meowm has been leaving paper bags out for us to hide in and play with...we love it!!!!!
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  12. Sorry we are so behind on post. Hope your Grampie is doing better, we will be purring for him. ~S,S,C & F


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