Thursday, April 8, 2010

Finally Friday

First of all we both want to wish our furiend Daisy a big get well. She has something funky going on with one of her eyes, but we hope it isn't serious. We loves you Daisy.

Locally things are strange, we woke up today to have white stuff on the ground. It got all cold here again, which means no open windows.
Our four-sith-ia in the snow, it mainly stuck to the grass and plants, not the street. So mum didn't have to worry about getting to work in the metal monster.
The poor daffy-dil's with a coating of white on them.
Looking out the back side of the house, you can see it isn't deep, it is just that we had wide open windows and really warm weather last Friday and now this.
Mum got the table all cleared off, boxes gone to recycle, other stuff put away and pictures all hung up.
She has these in the human litter box room. Hey why not make it a little bit pretty? Beans spend enough time in there.
Close up of the three, mum has had this one for a while that she got at a local art fair.
This one she got at a craft fair where Grampie lives. Someone else who lives there drew the picture and made the frame too. Mum said it was only a few green papers.
Mum bought this at a store and she has a big cold box magnet of this too, but the magnet doesn't have enough room to have all of the sayings.

Plus weekend time, yay! Mum says she will be around but has lots of stuff to do, but I think we will get a nap together at some point.

Happy Weekend.


  1. Your mom was very productive. One of these days the Woman needs to get all her stuff up on the walls.

  2. We are very sorry for you. It has been sunny in the fifties today. Silly mama wented out with sandles on. Yes, she regretted it.
    Mama wishes she could put pictures up. We are limited to non nail options, but everything is down while we wait for the remodel. My room usually has a picture of a kitty that looks like one of the kittys that went before me. Sort of like an angel buddy.

  3. We hope it warms up soon so you guys can open those windows again...We hope you handsome boys enjoy your weekend!...xo...Calle, Halle, Sukki

  4. Happy weekend to you all too! We hope your dusting of snow disappears and stays away!

  5. We hope the snow goes soon. Have a great weekend.

  6. Oh, I thought snowtime was over!

    Thank you for your good wishes. My eyeball is getting better every day!

  7. Not more snow! You must be very fed up with it now.

  8. Those are really neat kitty pictures! Some people are so creative!
    Sorry about that snow. At least this time of year it melts fast!

  9. Sorry about your snow. Good job your mum did sorting out the house. My mum has another week of Easter holiday and has not got very far on her list of jobs for sorting out the house! or the garden!
    Glad your goodies arrived OK. We were just looking at the video of Ducky playing with the jellyfish. We are glad he liked it. It came from a pet shop in Chelsea where the posh people's pets go!

  10. Oh no, not more snow. Silly weather! The pictures are pretty.

  11. We had tht same stupid weather hear - last Thursday it was 80, this past Thursday it was 40. We didn't have any snow stick but there were a few small flurries overnight to Thursday. Weird.

    We hope the weather warms up for you so you can have the open windows again! Have a great weekend!!

  12. Goodbye my dearest furriend. The Bridge has called to me and I have decided to answer.

    I will see you here.

    Your dearest furriend,


  13. It suddenly got colder here too, but not like it could snow again. We are very glad f that...


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