Saturday, June 26, 2010

Sleepy Caturday

Hi Ducky here. The big kittie hasn't let me have much to say the past week or so. You gotta learn to share Derby, yes you do.

Mum continues to be bizzy packing up Grampie's stuff. He sure has a lot of stuff, stuff that the lady will have to sort through, keep the good stuff and get rid of the other stuff. The lady says there is a lot of stuff she has already tossed out and didn't even bring home! She says Uncle Flip will be here on Wednesday night, I get to meet more of the family!

Our newsy paper had a story on Oscar the Bionic Cat. How cool of them to give him back legs that are like a real kittie legs.
The lady wented to a party last night, but didn't stay late, too tired she said but she had sent in her green papers, so she went. It was a reunion she says. A whole bunch of people got together that used to work at what was a neat local company. Then they got bought out by the big mega company and things changed. People came from far away and she saw people that she hasn't seen in 10 years!

They partied down by a big thing of water that the lady calls Loch Mich! She said in the middle of the party lots of sirens wented off and the fire trucks and police showed up. It had nothing to do with their party, somebody had found a dead body floating in the lake by the breakwater. Ewwwww! This follows another fatal accident nearby the day before, so the lady said the sirens made her all sad that people was hurt and deaded. Plus she was going to park her metal monster in that spot for the party. Instead she took a shuttle since their was a even bigger party just to the south called Summerfest, or what mum says is bummerfest. Too many drunks and icky crowds for her.

Enough of sad stuff, on to happier stuff. Stop by on Monday. It's my purrthday and mum said I can host a buffet and drinks for anyone who wants to stop by. See you then.

Mum says we all need a nap, especially her.


  1. We read about Oscar and there is a programme on Wednesday about the vet and how he did the operation. Mum said she wants to watch it. We are glad your mum enjoyed her reunion. The dead body is scary though.
    We will come and visit for your birthday on Monday.

  2. We are getting our magic carpet ready to fly up for the big birthday party!

    That is so sad about the body they found. That can really put a damper on a party.

    Stay cool!

  3. Oh no sad news. I'm glad your mom enjoyed her party for the most part though. I'm super set for your party! Let's boogie!

  4. It's always good to have something special to look forward to!

  5. The Human says: Summerfest? Really? Do you live in Milwaukee, kitties?

    Because the Human has lots of family there and she has been to Summerfest lots of times!

    But she supposes that lots of cities might have Summerfest!

  6. Sometimes it is better ta just stay home like we do...

  7. We saw Oscar too!
    You mom keeps really busy! Helping an older person move and downsize is a big job.
    Can't wait for your party!

  8. Well I hope your Mum gets a nap. It sounds like she has been quite busy and lots of stuff going on around there. Purrs.

  9. Your Mum has been busy indeed! We hope she's got everything ready for Monday...We hope to wrangle our Mommy onto the computer so we can stop in and PAWTY!

    Mommy says she remembers Taste of Chicago and what a spectacle that was. Summerfest much be much the same.

  10. Thank you so much for sharing the touching story of Oscar the bionic kitteh!

    Early birthday wishes to you Ducky!

    Padre, Panda Bear, Meerkat, Cookie, and Caramel

  11. Sounds like the lady is really busy, Ducky!! We can't wait for your birthday...we'll be back for that!


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