Thursday, July 15, 2010

They Did It Again

Yep, the raccoon guys were back overnighth from Tuesady to Wednesday AM. Here was the feeder back on the ground. Mum ended up leaving it there until Thursday afternoon. She had to go day hunting, then to the bored of the library meeting, then a social time with her other bored of the library memebers. By the time she got home it was late, dark and ready to storm. She wasn't going to out for it in the storm.

The raccoons get at it by climbing the tree, so even if mum hung it higher, which there isn't a good place to do that. Those bandits would get at it anyway. Also if she takes it in overnight, then the early morning feeding birdies wouldn't have anything to eat. Mum says it is about time for these birdies to commute back south, so then we can take the feeder in for the season.

We had lots of boomer storms on Wednesday night and Thursday early AM. We aren't scared of the boomers but mum sure didn't sleep well. The noisy, loud weather radio kept going off with warnings, lots of flashy lights from outside. She looked all bad and puffy eyed this morning, but went off to day hunt like a good person should.

Tonight when she came home she went to look at the rain measuring thing. 4.5 inches of rain overnight. That is lots and that means the skeeters will continue to be bad.

Hope everyone has a good weekend. We will be napping, catching up on lost naps, mum too!


  1. We heard about the bad storms that were up around where you are (one of the guys our mom works with lives in Racine and commutes down here to the burbs in IL) and we had not even heard about it. He even said some areas had a lot of flooding! We can't believe our mom missed that!

    And wow, those raccoons are just very persistent! We don't have any good suggestions - we don't think a squirrel baffle would help because raccoons are very smart. We hope they will stop messing with your feeder soon.

  2. Those raccoons are so sneaky, aren't they?!?

    We hope your weekend is boomer free!!

  3. Whoa, that was a lot of rain you got in one rainstorm. Looks like you did what is normal for storms........nap. It is so funny, we lived out in the boonies for thirty years and we didn't have raccoons our place until about the last few years we were there. Mom thought that was odd.


  4. Sounds like a wild stormy night you all had!! Just hot & sticky here but inside it's nice with the cold air blower thingy. No storms yet, cross our paws!
    Thanks for your healing purrs for Scooby. He has come out of hiding and seems to be feeling better today!

  5. Wow, that is a LOT of rain!

    Those pesky least they don't raid the garbage. Yet.

    You boys snuggle in with your Mum and make sure she gets a good night's sleep tonight.

  6. Ya might wanna put the feeder on a pole a try somethin like this:

    We got that stuff on our birdfeeder poles.

  7. We were going to suggest a pole too. That sounds like a bad storm you had. We had lots of wind and rain yesterday too, but no boomers or flashies.

  8. Raccoons are cute but little thieves! We loved listening to the storm Wednesday night, but now there's sewage backing up into people's basements (ours was dry, fortunately).

  9. It doesn't sound like those raccoons are going away anytime soon=good luck with that!...Hope you guys have better weather over the weekend and get lots of rest...Happy dreams sweet boys...kitty kisses...Calle, Halle, Sukki

  10. Holy moley, those guys are persistent! A long time ago (way before me) my mom had a problem with squirrels, so she hung the feeder with a bungee cord, the theory being they'd be too busy trying to get steadied to steal the seed and they'd give up. It was only nominally successful, but with the weight of a raccoon, it might work.

    Send some of that rain our way!

    P.S. Thanks for the good wishes for my sis!

  11. Wowza! That's a really whole lot of water coming down from the sky. Are you building an ark?

  12. Raccoons kinda scare us, mewmie too! They have been raiding our feeders too, and instead of TomTom, mewmie trapped a 'teenager' coon a couple of days ago. She is afraid they could transmit disease to us, so she put on leather glove and used long nose pliers to open the latch on the trap and then the raccoon figured how to open the door and leave on his own...yay!


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