Monday, December 13, 2010

ManCat Monday

She is a gray cat, but around her eyes the fur is black, so that she looks a little like those fifteen-year-olds who believe that being Cleopatra is mostly a matter of mascara. - Jessamyn West

Neither Ducky or I have darkly trimmed eyes. Some cats do, even some mancats.

We had rain, some snow, lots of wind and furry cold now. Mum got what little snow we had off the end of the driveway before the plowed stuff froze. Then she came inside to stay warm, watch fevvers and feetsball with us. Ducky helped to keep mum warm by sitting on her legs. Sammy and Andy asked for winter pictures, here are a few from Sunday, they don't get much snow down in San Antonio.
Out the back looking towards the fevver feeders.
Out the kitchen windows towards the neighbors house.

Our Secret Paw arrived too, from Sweet Praline, more later. Mum opened the box for us, but did not help us open the actual prezzies yet.

Feetsball Report

The Pack - losted to those Lion guys from the Mitten state. Was a strange, low scoring game. Plus the QB ARodg bonked his head on the ground and didn't play the last half of the game. Mum says it is not likely for the playoffs for the team.

Grampa Brett and the ViQueens - will now be playing on Monday evening in Detroit against the Giants. The weather messed things up for them first, then the roof on the stadium broked. You can go here to see video from inside during the collapse. Mum thought it was kinda cool. Plus towards the beginning she thinks she sees beans running along the far sidelines. Probably to get somewhere safe.

The Colts - played last Thursday and won. No drama as far as we know.


  1. I can't wait to see what you got from Praline for your Secret Paws... and I bet you can't wait, either!

  2. Brrrr ... those snow pics look COLD!

    We bet yoo can't wait to open Sweet Praline's gift.

  3. Oh, those pics look COLD!

    Do you save the Secret Paw presents till Christmas Day?

  4. We are glad you are staying warm. You can always come here--we are having really warm weather (but that means flooding for other areas)

  5. We would be jumping up and down for our pressies! We aren't big on delayed gratification, heh heh.

    Mommy says she remembers snowstorms like what blew through your guys stay safe and warm indoors, and your Mum, too.

  6. The people are home safely, no delays. They are pros here in Minneapolis when it comes to digging out and getting on with life!
    Thanks for posting the collapse footage. Mom had been looking for it.

  7. Snow looks pretty but we are glad we don't often get any.We wonder what you got from Praline.

  8. OMC! You are our Secret Paw! Thank you! Mom said we'll open it tomorrow when the sun comes back up so there is good light for pictures. We can't wait!

  9. Bet you're glad you're not in Minnesota! Stay warm, all!

  10. We got lots of snow too!! And now it's so cold. Sorry our Lions beat your Packers...but we needed that win!!

  11. We are SO HAPPY we just got a dusting of snow yesseday!

  12. That's why Mom named Cleo Cleopatra cause she looks like she has mascara around her eyes. Boy that snow really looks cold. Last night we had a lot of wind and rain. We are suppose to see the sun tomorrow. I'll believe that when I see it.



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