Saturday, January 22, 2011


Hehehehe, I got the little runt cornered, well at least for a few minutes. We are in the spare human litterbox room. Small so not as easy to get away from me! We had a bit of a smackdown, then I let him run away.
One of mum's furiends gave here these two nice cloth shopping bags. She had made them herself and put kittie fabric on them just for mum.

Mum took off overnight on us! She came home really early from day hunting, then took her big red carry bag full of stuff with her. Didn't come back until about noon today. Seems she was off having fun with her furiends. Food, talk and something about razzberry martini's!


  1. Those are cool shopping bags! Sorry your mom left you overnight! Thats one reason why it helps to have dogs in the house. They have to come home in a certain amount of time, or we will pee on the floor!

  2. You two looks like you is having fun!
    We sure does like those shopping bags!

  3. Smackdowns are fun. Those bags are lovely.

  4. I hope your mom enjoys those razzberry martinis!! She sure does have some handsome orange men.

  5. Good going on cornering Ducky, Derby. I love the shopping bags.

  6. Our auntie Carol loved tote bags too and had quite a unique collection. Mom brought most of them home with her as she likes a good tote bag too!
    Those kitty ones are cute!!!

    A good smackdown challenge is fun!

  7. I love those shopping bags! How very cool!


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