Monday, January 17, 2011

Mini-ManCat Monday

Who can believe that there is no soul behind those luminous eyes. - Theophile Gautier
Yes, I has a soul. I am a soul brother. Yes? No?

Mum had some tuna for dinner last night, we got a bit as well. Derby tried to move in on my portion, but mum made him stay away.

We had vishus deers behind our house the other night. Mum got up around midnight to use the human litterbox. On the way back to her sleepy spot, she looked outside and thought their was someone walking on the trail behind our house. They were by the big tree and without her seeing eye glasses, she thought they had very skinny legs.

Then she looked closer and realized it was a deer! I was sitting on the window perch and we watch the deer wander into the yard of the neighbor behind us. Then another vishus deer came out of the ditch from the neighbor next to us. It wandered in the same direction as the other one. Mum said they were lady deers, does, she called them. Just so they leave me alone.

Feetbsall Report - Divisional Playoffs

The Pack - They winned! They beat the Falcons, when they played in the regular season The Pack just losted by a field goal at the last minute. This time when they played the Falcons, they pretty much buried them. Scored, scored some more and just kept scoring! They scored 48 points which is the most the team has ever scored in a playoff game.

Mum got pretty excited just before half time when one Packer guy swiped the ball and ranned for a touchtown. She was yelling and cheering, but it scairt me. So when the play stopped she could tell I wasn't my normal happy self. So she came over to talk to me really softly and tell me things was all OK. Pfhew. I was ready to run and hide!

Next week the Pack will play Da Bears! We beat them a couple of weeks ago, hopes we can do it again.

On the other side the Jet people shot down Miss Millie's team, the guys named Pat. The Jets will play the Steel guys, the Steel guys beat the Ravens.

Hmmm, seems like it hasn't been a good playoff season for team with fevver nicknames. The Eagles, Falcons, Seahawks and Ravens all lost.


  1. Yes, our mommy cried N cried that her Ravens lossed! But we got treats every time they scored. We had lots of treats in the first half, but we starved the second half.
    We has to say that your Pack looks very good! We purrdicts they goes all the way!

  2. Mommy has to referee our dinners too. Otherwise, I'll be starved and Bronzy will be superbly stuffed!


  3. That is interesting that the feathers haven't won. But we knew that the Hawks were just lucky to have even gotten this far after the way they played this season (but it sure would have been fun to have the only team with the worst record to go to the Superbowl!)

  4. Eek, vishus deer! Make sure you barricade the doors because you are a 'Joosy yung cat'.

  5. Oh my, you guys and us guys have a football rivalry!
    Should be an interesting Sunday!

  6. We have deer near us at our new place. Mama wants to get a night vision camera to see what roams in our yard; we may have foxes, too!

  7. Da Pack will be on our turff now! Watch out! Da Bears are gonna make cheese soup out of you! MOL!

  8. We second Laila and Minchie's comment!
    Can you believe some of us do NOT like tuna? We wonder if they're really cats.

  9. Deers in your yard? Cool! Trixie wants you to know that one time she and Gramma saw a deer in OUR backyard! It was really weird because we live near the city. There are deers in the forest preserves but we live maybe 2 miles away from there, and deers don't usually go traipsing through the town!

  10. How beautiful to see the lady deer!

    I'm glad you got Toona!

  11. We hope ya locked yer doors careful when the vishus deer were spotted. Ya never know what they might do!

  12. You are a very lucky cat! I'm glad you got tuna!
    Brad Fallon

  13. Stopping in to make sure that you all made it home safely from my birthday party. Thank you so much for coming it was so nice to spend the day with you. I hope you had a good time.
    Oh no, not the deers again! I was hoping that they had gone away at your place and left you alone.
    Boy, next week's football game will be a hard one here to choose who to root for. The mom growing up always had her folks rooting for the Packers but Da Bears, hard choice. But since you are such a dear friend I shall support your Packers!

  14. How very brave of you to sit in the window while vishus deer roamed outside!

    Oh it sends shivers up my spine.

  15. Mmm, tuna!

    Are you sure those things in the back weren't aliens? They're everywhere, you know!

  16. It's hard for us to get tuna around here. There's too much competition!

    Don't worry about those deers, Ducky. As long as you stay inside, they can't get you.


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