Sunday, January 23, 2011

ManCat Monday on Sunday Evening

A drowsy winter evening is never quite drowsy enough without a sleeping cat. - Anonymous
More smackdown!
But I am now cheering!

Feetsball Report

The Packers are Stouper Bowl bound! They beat Da Bears in a close game, 21 to 14.

Mum says the defense won the game for the team with two interceptions.

We know all of our furiends who are fans of Da Bears are disappointed, but that is the way the feetball bounces. First time the six seed has made it through!

At this time we don't know who we are playing. That game is just getting started. Heck, we don't care, we are going to the big game in two weeks.

Support Your Local Shelter

Plus this is to help your local shelter. Mum has done that lots. She has done donations to help out build the new shelter addition and for our comment-a-thon, we donated a neat shelter thingy for the mobile adoption unit.

We know lots of kitties, woofies, buns and others are waiting for their furrever homes. So until they get we help them out. We both came from HAWS -Humane Animal Welfare Society. It is a good place, here are a few pictures.
The kittie room.
The outside of the kittie room.
My brick, Ducky doesn't have one yet!


  1. Good for the Packers! The help your Mum gives the kitties at the shelter is wonderful.

  2. Congrats to the Packers!! We wanted them to win too!

    And thank you to your mom for all the good work she does for your shelter.

  3. Congrats to your team!

    What a wonderful job your mom is doing for the shelter.

  4. Your mama is wonderful to help all of those animals. Our neighbors had the house rockin' with their cheers during the game last night!

  5. Helping local shelters is important. Mom does is by re-cycling unwanted stuff to their fund-raising-shop ~ all profits go to help the shelter. We also have a clear out of our toys from time to time, and donate some to them. It's also possible to donate cat food to them ~ there is a collection box in our local supermarket.

  6. Wooooohoooo for the Packers! Yeah, yeah I know I am an Aussie cat and not supposed to support any American team. But remember I was in the cheering squad many years ago.

    Great job your mom is doing at the shelter

  7. Our Mom's team will be playing your Mom's team in the big soup bowl!

    We loved seeing the photo of the brick for Derby! How cool!!!

    Padre, Panda Bear, Meerkat, Cookie, and Caramel (& fosters Sunny and Sky)

  8. What a beautiful shelter! We have a brick at the shelter we came from too, only it was before we came to live with Mom.

    Concats to your Packers! The better team definitely won. We are all disappointed, but Mom knew, deep down, Da Bears wouldn't be able to pull it off.

  9. Cool brick! My Dad says we'll be pulling for the Packers because he doesn't like Big Ben of the Steelers. Glad your team won (next year it's the Colts' turn).

  10. are you going to haf a stouper bowl party?

  11. You got a good Mum, donating to your shelter!

    Mommy can't talk about the Bears...::sob::

  12. We're cheering for your mom's team.
    Mom is hoping that our neighbors have a stooperbowl party again this year.

  13. We were all cheering for our Pack, too, and thanks to everyone who cheered for our team!

    Hey Ducky, will you get a brick at our shelter?

    Max S.

  14. That yawn is making me sleepy too! Very cool to have a brick at your local shelter! :)

  15. you has a cool brick, Derby. so nice to sees you guys togever.

  16. Headbutts for your Mom for a job well done!

    ~Slash & Bronzy

  17. Mom was cheering the Packers too because QB Rodgers is from a city near us, Chico. He is a celebrity around here. The new shelter really looks nice. Sure hope there aren't to many animals in it though. Forever homes are a lot better. Gee Derby, you too are a celebrity with a brick with your name on it.


  18. Have fun watchin yer Packer Feetsball guys in the Big Game! Best of luck to them.

  19. best regard from Belgium, lovely fotos


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