Thursday, May 5, 2011

Garden Thursday

The two-lips are starting to bloom in the front of the house. Goodness we expect these to bloom in April and it is already May!
Mum has been cutting a few of her flowers off and takes them to work, so she has pretty flowers at work to look at and to smell. Some of them like the hi-ya-sinths have a pretty smell.
We go from warmish, to furry cool. Heck the heaty monster in the dungeon is still running most every evening. You can sorta see the leaves coming out on the trees, just barely.

Mum did get out the grass eating machine yesterday. We just snoopervised from inside.

OK, we are on our way to KC's Cinco de Mayo party. Come and join us!


  1. We will see you at the party.

    We loves the tulips.

  2. Our mama loves the cold, but says this is getting old! She's still wearing her parka, for goodness sake!

  3. Ah yes, see you at the party--after all it is my anniversary! And enjoy those pretty flowers.

  4. Spring is coming very late for you! But it is nice to have tulips in May.

  5. Those tulips are beautiful!! It sounds like you've been having the same kind of weather as us. The AC comes on during the day, and sometimes it's near freezing at night!!

  6. hi Derby! Hi Ducky! We think your garden is looking very good! We have the same weather issues here - warm then cold, warm then cold. Our heat monster is still running too! Soon it will be time for the cold monster - we hope there are a few nice days for all of us before that happens!

  7. It's looking great! Even if it's slow this year!

  8. Hi Boys! Nice garden--flowers are delicious, aren't they?

    I'll trade you some warm for some cool!!

  9. All of our flowers are late bloomers too!

    Yes, I fertilize the garden!



  10. The Tulips are wonderful! Ours have been out for a while and are fading now.


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