Monday, May 23, 2011

ManCat Monday

Cat angels are the reason there are no mice angels. - Mel Brooks

Good ol' Mel, nice for a laugh. If mousies did get to The Bridge, they wouldn't last long.

About PHE, the part that broked was in lots of little pieces, no way to glue together. We had had him for 5 years, so not likely to be able to find another. Here is his first appearance from May 2006.
We had a quiet weekend, mum was home, Ducky sat on mum to make her stay put. Plus that is a good way to get treats. Mum did the usual weekend work, plus hauled some stuff off to the community compost pile. Worked on weed patrol, then sat outside and readed her book. We stayed inside but lots of open windows.
Lots of napping too. Thunder booming storms on Sunday evening but nothing bad, just rumbles and rain.

Oh yeah, we have two batches of baby fevvers, robins and sparrows. Mum hopes to get pictures for us.

Hope you all have a good week.


  1. Your mom works so hard and dedicated on weed patrol... I hope she have some time to rest and do nap.
    My mom just let it grow like a jungle, she said it 's really hard get inspiration..It's cold and rain ( we in winter )

    I hope you all have a fantastic day : )

  2. Maybe we need to borrow your mom for weed patrol, since she's such a slacker in that department. :-P

    Glad you had a good weekend!

  3. Mama came home from work in that rain, she said the lightening was awesome!

  4. We're not allowed to go out ourselves but even Mommy was stuck inside 'cause of the rain. She's been really upset 'cause she wants to work in her garden too.

    And sorry about PHE. We were hoping you could fix him.

  5. That picture of you on mum is sweet. Both of you resting calmly.
    Good thing she got some rest this weekend. People tend to go full speed and not take tome to just enjoy the flowers & the kittehs.

  6. OMG you won't believe what I just saw.
    I came across these beautiful pictures of cats that had been taken in an exotic site somewhere in the world; I'm still trying to figure out this mystery.
    Let me know what you think on the album:
    Keep you posted if I'll discover something new!


  7. I didn't know there were no mouse angels - how about that. FAZ

  8. Lots of fresh air, that makes us sleepy for the day and night.

  9. We bet there's no lizard angels either! hee hee.
    We are looking forward to having our Mommy home for a few days, we want to try out Ducky's treat trick...lay on her and get treats!

  10. I'm glad you only had rumbles and rain and not like other places! Enjoy your napping!

  11. Sound like life as it should be - the human off doing grunt work while the kitties rest!

  12. Baby fevvers? Is that what the Humans mean when they talk about "appetizers"? Heh heh.

    Sometimes the Human is sooooo ashamed of me, MOL!


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