Monday, May 2, 2011

ManCat Monday

Dogs vs. cats: A dog will run to greet you at the door. A cat will say, "Oh, have you been out?" - Sandy Parkinson

Oh noes, we know when mum is gone. Plus we hear the metal monster room door open and most of the time we are waiting for mum to come in.
Me, Derby, at the door, sticking my nose out as soon as mum opens the door. I admit I want to go outside, so that is part of my reason to meet mum at the door.
Rarely do I get out. Mum says 'get back inside' and then she opens the door and comes inside herself.
Ducky waits on the bench. Sitting by the spot where mum collects the papers to recycle, sits on and changes shoes.
Then again he sits under the bench. I get the first pets when mum comes in, since I am the senior cat of the house. Then Ducky gets his coming home pets.
With the mirror you can see Ducky's reflection of him under the bench.

Happy May, we hope that the month brings good things. Warmer weather, open windows, more flowers blooming.


  1. We greet mama at the door, too, just in case she has something good with her!

  2. I'm usually in a completely different part of the house when my human walks in the door. Her arrival is usually a non-event, unless it is past our dinnertime.

  3. I do greet my mom at the door too because I'm starving !!! heh..heh..hee

  4. Oh boy do I meet Marmie at the door! But like you kitties, its always with the anticipation of going outside. When Marmie opens the door, I get about 3 seconds of outside time before she picks me up and brings me back in.

  5. We actually had sun on May Day! WOO HOO!

  6. You boys have a great Meet-the-Mum routine. We all filter into the bedroom when Mommy gets home, that's where we get treats and rubbins while she changes her clothes.

  7. It's always great when mama comes home!

  8. We like to meet our mom at the door because when she comes home it usually means she's gonna feed us!!


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