Saturday, September 28, 2013


We are having a super nice day today. Sunny and warms. But did we get to have open windows all day long? NO!

Why not you ask? Well mum had to go day hunt on Caturday! Said they had to be super prepared and done for closing the quarter on Monday and stuff had to be done before Monday. They were good to them, they got fed both breakfast and dinner! Mum said she stocked up on her supply of bacon for the next year.

Thankfully as soon as mum came home she opened windows for us. Thanks mum!


  1. Glad you got your windows open when your mum came home.
    We have torrential rain but I still like to go in the garden. After mum had towel dried me for the second time she shut the door so I had to stay in.

  2. We're glad you were able to get some window whiffies in.

  3. She stocked up on bacon... does that mean she brought some home to you? We hope so!

  4. She's good to you, your mum.

    Sydney, Australia

  5. I hope you get some bacon, as a consolation gift for having less window time!

  6. Window whiffs are nice but BACON???????? OMG....can we come to your house?

    The Florida Furkids

  7. Hi Boys: We don't think they was Mericky peeps cause we don't think there was Mericky peeps on the crew, but they didn't open their moufs, so the Human can't be sure, MOL! Okay, the boats were kind of nice & big and very fast.

    Guess what? You gotted your Viceroy territory today! Come see!


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