Monday, September 16, 2013

Mini ManCat Monday

Of course cats are smarter than dogs - it takes intelligence to be that devious! - Author Unknown

Devious? Not us! Maybe mischievious, envious, impervious or even oblivious, but not devious.

Derby is on mum's short list of, bad kitties! See he yakked on the bed blankie last week and mum got it all washed and smelling nice on Sunday. No sooner than she got it back on the bed, he did it again! Mum was not happy and then washed it again. See how long it takes him to mess it up again.

 Then mum needed an extra pillow for her to balance her lunch on her lap during the game. She moved it and guess what she found. A deaded mousie.We are not saying how long it has been there, but mum is surprized, usually when a mouse is deaded we leave it in the middle of the floor for her to find.
She used the rug sucking monster on Caturday, but didn't move these pillows! That will show her. She thinks it was there a day or so as it was all stiff.

Yeah, whatever, we just took Sunday off. Rainy day and cool, we needed rain. We snoozed lots and watched the rain fall.

Feetsball Report

The Packers - they beat down on the Washington Sunburns. Kept them scoreless for the first half and did well on both offense and defense.

The Broncos - battle of the brothers Manning, Peyton and Eli. Big brother Peyton's team got the better of Eli's. Peyton had two TD's and no interceptions, while we swearsies that Eli was better at throwing it to the defense, as he did it 4 times.

Have a good week everyone.


  1. Wow, you kitties have certainly been busy!

  2. You hid a mousie under the pillow! Did she scream when she found it?

  3. Holy carp! A real live deaded mousie! We live on the second floor of our condo building so we are thinking the mousies must hang out on the first floor where Angel lives.

  4. derby.....grate hurlin job dood.....we give ya till 7/24/2014 til ya hurl again...( ya dont wanna hurl rite now coz herz lookin for ya ta due it !!! )

    notre dame 56,027
    purdue: like we dunno, we iz knot a loud ta watch tee and vee !!

  5. Wow, Derby! That is some impressive yakking! And a deaded mouse?? You guys have been busy!

  6. Glad to hear you're doing your jobs with the mousing, and the element of surprise you used gets extra points.
    Hope Derby is over the yakkin'. Seems that is his special place!

  7. Ewwwwwww, says the Human. But you know what? I yakked up a little food'n'fur on Friday, but even though there was only a little "product," I managed to spread it out on *TWO* rugs--the hallway runner and the throw rug on the bedroom. How great was THAT? I can't compete in the dead mousie department, however.

  8. When mum had her old cat Puss, she gave her some chicken necks to nibble on (meant to be good for the teeth). Then puss went and yakked up on the bed , all over mums new duvet and sheets. Yuck!!

    Good work with the mouse catching.

    Julie and Poppy Q


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